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Saint Mary’s speaker addresses intimacy and dating

first_imgKerry Cronin, the associate director of The Lonergan Institute at Boston College, spoke at Saint Mary’s on Monday about the search for the other and the meaning of intimacy.Cronin said that she was invited to Saint Mary’s to speak about sexuality in the dating and hookup culture on college campuses nationwide, through a Catholic lense.Cronin said she sends her own students on dating assignments and uses the assignments as practices of intimacy and vulnerability then asks them to write reflections about their experience. “Within the reflections, there were really important themes about intimacy; however, there tended to be a bit of a gender divide,” Cronin said. Cronin said that when it comes to being intimate, it can be challenging. She said the reflections she received were full of regret for not being more open when they had the opportunity to create intimacy.“We have very few ideas about how to go about finding intimacy,” Cronin said.Even though it can be hard to find, Cronin said people have examples of intimacy within relationships throughout their lives in their relationships with family, friends, significant others and God.Cronin said she defines intimacy as a certain type of closeness between two people in any relationship.  “Intimacy is a type of closeness in which much of ourselves, both hidden and not, are clearly expressed and are received by another person,” she said. “It is where many parts of ourselves are being seen and are allowed to be articulated and valued.”Cronin said people also must treat the other person the same way in order for intimacy to come about. “We must be where we can see, allow and value all parts of the other,” she said. “What is stopping us from intimacy is our inability to let the other person be other.”In order to achieve full intimacy, Cronin said that we must be aware of the high and low frequencies of intimacy. High frequency is the fast paced, new intimacy that overlooks the flaws and annoyances of a person one loves. She said the low frequency intimacy comes when everything has calmed down and a person sees the flaws of the other but loves them anyway.“American culture makes us addicts of intensity: We only want the rush of intensity,” she said. “[However,] intimacy often has long stretches of road.”Cronin said that intimacy is possible to achieve with anyone if people open their eyes to others.“Intimacy is the ability to see who is right in front of us and to let ourselves be seen.”Tags: intimacy, love, relationships, SMClast_img read more

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Rob Gronkowski to the WWE? NFL player-turned-wrestler Moose thinks so

first_imgRob Gronkowski’s future isn’t in the NFL for the time being.So, what’s next for the three-time Super Bowl champion? Another former NFL player thinks it could be a brief stint in the ring. Gronkowski, 29, announced he was retiring after spending nine seasons in the league. He’s touted as one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history and built an impressive resume which unfortunately included a number of injuries.Gronkowski has suffered a sprained ankle, a broken left forearm, ongoing back issues, a torn ACL/MCL, a knee sprain, hamstring injury and more.“If Gronk were healthy, he would have made a perfect wrestler,” Ojinnaka added. “He’s athletic, has size, and he is so charismatic. But his body has been through way too much.”Ojinnaka started training for a professional wrestling career in 2012 and made his debut in 2014.He went as far as comparing the two head honchos alluding to the fact if Gronkowski can play under coach Bill Belichick, he can play — or in this case perform — for anyone.“Bill Belichick is the equivalent of 10 Vince McMahons mixed into one,” said Ojinnaka. “There is no one else like Belichick.”Ojinnaka was selected by the Falcons in the fifth round of the 2006 draft. He spent four season in Atlanta before he was traded to the Patriots in 2010. He had two stints with the then-St. Louis Rams and spent a year in Indianapolis. Ojinnaka played in 62 games, earning 20 starts. Patriots star Rob Gronkowski announces retirement: ‘Now it’s time to move forward with a big smile’ Quinn Ojinnaka, a former Patriot himself, made the transition from the NFL to the WWE and could see Gronkowski doing the same. Ojinnaka, whose ring name is Moose, was teammates with Gronk in 2010.“I think Gronk’s going to sign with WWE, but he’s not going to make it his next career,” Ojinnaka said, via Sports Illustrated. “He can have a big match at WrestleMania or SummerSlam, but I know Gronk. People need to understand that his body has been through hell. Gronk can’t make this a career, but he can have a couple great matches.” Related Newscenter_img Bud Light tempts Rob Gronkowski with job, offers free beer Gronkowski, who spent his entire career in New England, tallied 521 catches, 7,861 yards and 79 touchdowns in 115 career regular-season games. He exited as the Patriots’ career leader in touchdowns and is tied for the second-most receiving scores in postseason history (12).He also earned five Pro Bowl selections, four first-team All-Pro honors and the award for the 2014 NFL Comeback Player of the Year. And in the postseason, he had few peers. Gronkowski retired as the NFL’s postseason leader among tight ends in catches (81), receiving yards (1,163) and receiving touchdowns (12). Only Jerry Rice has more touchdown catches in the playoffs than Gronkowski.last_img read more

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