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Ban confirmed on imported battery eggs

first_imgBattery-farmed eggs produced in the EU, and products made from them, will not be allowed to be sold in the UK following the British ban on barren battery cages.The Minister of State for Agriculture and Food James Paice confirmed in a letter to the British Egg Industry Council that “eggs from conventional cages could only go to processing in the Member State of origin and could not be exported” and that the “egg products created could only be used in food products or industrial products manufactured within the Member State of origin”.British egg producers have invested £400m on phasing out barren battery cages and all British cage eggs now come from new, enriched-colony cages.Producers in 13 other EU countries, including Spain, Italy and Poland, have not fully complied with the ban and it is estimated that around one-quarter of EU cage egg production does not meet the legal requirements, with some 50 million hens still being kept in barren battery cages, producing more than 40 million eggs a day.>>Egg Council to launch Judicial Reviewlast_img read more

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8 Rules to Camp By

first_imgIf like me, you spend much time camping, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion that campers for the most part are pretty respectful and friendly people. Whether we’re tent, hammock or RV campers we all have one thing in common, we love the outdoors and enjoy the time we spend camping. So if everyone is so respectful, why is it some campgrounds have so many rules? The obvious of course, not everyone is so respectful. There are always those few bad apples which require a set of rules to ensure they don’t infringe on those around them.  I’ve stayed in campgrounds which had a lot of rules and those that had very few and honestly, I’ll take the campground with a lot of rules any day. I remember years ago my wife, son and I pitched our tent in a privately run campground in Southwest Virginia. When we checked in we weren’t given a list of rules and none were posted that I could see. Our first (and last) night the campers next to us had a few visitors over, I counted 12 cars. Their music, hooting and hollering sounded throughout the park and the party didn’t simmer down until 3:00 AM. If they had been in one of the many beautiful Virginia State Parks, that wouldn’t have lasted 30 minutes before a Ranger would have broken it up. Now it’s not always so blatantly disrespectful and in fact, even some of the friendly, respectful campers don’t realize their actions are annoying and disrespecting those around them. So we can all get on the same page, here are 8 simple etiquette rules we should all follow to help make everyone’s camping experience a happy one. 1. Pets – (Specifically dogs)I’m a dog owner, dog lover and I know I’ve broken some rules when it comes to my pet. An occasional bark isn’t a problem; however the yapping dog that won’t stop is definitely an issue in a campground. I remember last year staying at Douthat State Park near Clifton Forge Virginia we had our newest addition to the family with us, a 5 month old Border Collie named Charlie. Now Charlie wanted to play with everyone who passed by our camp and let he them know by aggressively barking at them. By the end of the weekend everyone in the campground knew what to expect when they walked passed our camp. I imagine we were the topic of a few conversations. A few other rules to remember related to pets, (1) keep them on a leash at all times, (2) when they potty pick up after them, (3) if you are just going to keep them locked up all day while you are gone maybe you should consider leaving them home. 2. Children I love children, but I’ve raised mine already. Please continue to raise yours while in the campground and not allow them to have free reign. Not only can children be intrusive but it isn’t safe to allow children to run free and unattended. I’ve had little children come up to me in my camp and want to hang out. I’m pretty sure if someone asked them to get in a car to go get ice cream they would. Be smart and safe. 3. Privacy Consider each person’s camping area their own property and give them the same respect you would if it were their home. Don’t take shortcuts across their land, don’t hang out on their property or let your children do so. If you just want to be friendly and say hi, do so when they are outside and make it short and sweet. If they are enjoying your company they will invite you to stay. 4. Speeding It is very unsettling to see someone speeding though a campground. Please drive very slowly; remember there are children with free reign playing. 5. Smoking Oh My Gosh, this is my pet peeve. I wanted to write this article for this issue alone. I don’t care if you smoke; it’s up to you if you do so. However, I don’t want to walk into the bathroom or shower room and smell your cigarette smoke. I get it; you enjoy sitting on the toilet and smoking.  Sounds like it could be relaxing but please save it for home. I also don’t want to walk through your cloud of smoke to get to any of the facilities. 6. Arriving after darkOne year we went to Sherando Lake family campground in the Jefferson National Forest near Waynesboro, Virginia. We didn’t arrive until after dark. You can be the most experienced camper in the world but setting up camp in pitch black is challenging for anyone. I remained respectful for a full 15 minutes before I decided I was tired and wanted to get into my tent. On came the truck lights shining directly into the camper’s tent across from me. They didn’t say anything but I got the message when they exited their tent cursing and throwing things around their camp. Of course I’ve been on the receiving end of those lights shining into my tent and it isn’t nice. Always do your best to arrive before sundown with plenty of time to setup camp.7. NoiseSound usually carries across campgrounds pretty well. So even when you’re not making a lot of noise it still may be heard by your neighbors. Keep this in mind when you have company and everyone is getting excited and talking at once. Another consideration is for generators in primitive campgrounds. Just because they are permitted doesn’t mean you have to use one all the time. I was camping at North Creek Campground in the Jefferson National forest about a mile from Buchanan, Virginia when I experienced a neighbor with a loud generator. We were enjoying the solitude that comes with primitive camping when all of a sudden we hear this loud generator start up next door. We looked over at our neighbors and they politely smiled and waved. I on the other hand was considering the possibility of cutting their gas line. The noise completely ruined the camping experience.8. VisitorsSome of our best times camping is when friends come over for a cookout and get together. While enjoying your company make sure you share the rules and ensure your visitors are being respectful to other campers. Most campgrounds have visiting hours, so make sure you adhere to those times. Camping should be fun and relaxing. For a lot of families camping is a time to teach children about the great outdoors and instill a since of adventure and respect for their environment. For many of us it was during our own childhood that we got hooked on camping and why we still camp today. Remember if you are being disrespectful to those around you it might not just be someone’s camping experience you are ruining, it may be someone’s first camping experience you are ruining. If you adhere to these eight simple rules you’ll increase the likelihood of having a good time as well as contribute to the overall, positive experience of those around you. Happy camping!last_img read more

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Suicide Suspected in Glen Cove Home of 2 Found Dead

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York John Azzata, commander of the Nassau police Homicide Squad, speaks to reporters outside Glen Cove city police headquarters on Thursday, June 6, 2013.A 58-year-old man who was found dead in a Glen Cove house with a dead 84-year-old woman shot himself, but the woman’s cause of death remains unclear, Nassau County police said.The pair was found after Glen Cove city police and Adult Protective Services officials went to the house Milford Lane to check on their well-being at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday following an anonymous tip. Their names were not immediately released.“There is no indication that this is a random act of violence…or that they were targeted,” Det. Lt. John Azzata, commander of the Nassau police Homicide Squad, told reporters Thursday. “If she died of natural causes and he committed suicide, it could be out of love.”The woman had been dead for “longer than days,” he said, noting that investigators found some signs of trauma on her body.He added that there were seven cats in the house, some of which were dead. Most of the live cats have been captured and sent to a shelter while the traps have been set for the remainder, he said.Glen Cove Mayor Ralph Suozzi said there had been more cats in the past at the house, which has been subject of complaints and “red flags” from city code enforcement officers.The bodies were taken to the Nassau County Medical Examiner’s office, where autopsies are being conducted to determined their cause of death.last_img read more

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WHO: H5N1 cases in Turkey targeted children, youth

first_imgOct 31, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report on 10 of the 12 confirmed H5N1 avian influenza cases that occurred in Turkey last winter adds to evidence that children and youth may be particularly susceptible to the infection.The disease struck only children younger than 16, even though their parents had probably been exposed to the same probable source of infection, infected poultry, according to the Oct 27 issue of WHO’s Weekly Epidemiological Record.”To some extent, this reflects the same age distribution observed globally, where 50.5% of cases occurred among people aged <20 years, and it suggests that age-related factors may influence susceptibility to the disease," the report states.Of the four case-patients described in the report who died, all were teenagers, while all the survivors were younger children, aged 3 to 9 years. "This reflects closely the global situation where the highest case-fatality rate (73%) has been observed in the 10-19-year age group," the article says.Turkey was the first country outside Southeast Asia to have human cases. The WHO report discusses 10 cases that occurred in the eastern provinces of Van and Agri in late December 2005 and January 2006 and were investigated by WHO epidemiologists. The two other confirmed cases in Turkey were in other provinces, according to Mary K. Kindhauser, a WHO spokeswoman in Geneva.A total of 21 human H5N1 cases had been reported in January on the basis of tests in a Turkish laboratory. But the WHO recognized only 12 cases that were confirmed by a reference laboratory in the United Kingdom.At the time of the outbreak, a WHO official reported that two Turkish boys had asymptomatic H5N1 infections. But those two cases were among the nine that were never confirmed by the UK lab, Kindhauser told CIDRAP News by e-mail today.The 10 cases covered in the report included three family clusters, one involving three cases and two involving two each. But investigators concluded that person-to-person transmission in the families was unlikely, because in each family the members fell ill within about a 2-day period, indicating they all contracted the virus from a common environmental source.Although all three family clusters occurred near one another and within a 2-week period, "field investigations provided no evidence of human-to-human transmission between households," the report says. The families had had no interactions, and the children attended different schools.Investigation indicated that close exposure to infected poultry was the primary risk factor for infection, the WHO says. All the patients had been exposed to backyard poultry, and at least five were known to have had contact with sick or dead poultry. The three families that had multiple cases had been sheltering their poultry indoors in late December because of severe cold.Two patients had pet pigeons, but the birds' possible role could not be assessed because no samples were collected from pigeons in the area, the report says.The article notes that 135 people in the two provinces had suspected cases of H5N1 and were hospitalized and treated with oseltamivir at the time, but testing ruled out all the cases.See also:Oct 27 WHO bulletin with report on H5N1 cases in Turkey 30, 2006, WHO bulletin with report on general epidemiology of H5N1 cases 30, 2006, WHO situation update on Turkish cases 11, 2006, CIDRAP News story "WHO says Turkish cases may yield new findings on H5N1"last_img read more

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Shell Buys Turritella FPSO

first_imgShell Offshore revealed that its affiliate, Shell E and P Offshore Services, will exercise a contractual right to buy the Turritella floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel from SBM Offshore. The 159,100 dwt vessel is contracted for the Stones deep-water development in the Gulf of Mexico, which began production last year.As informed, Shell and SBM will work over the next several months to achieve a “safe, smooth transition” of the vessel operations.“Transitioning the ownership and operations of the 2003-built vessel to Shell affiliates allows the company to pursue additional efficiencies and achieve cost improvements,” Shell explained.The Stones development is said to be the world’s deepest offshore oil and gas project and is scheduled to deliver approximately 50,000-barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d) by the end of this year.Turritella FPSO has a daily production capacity of approximately 60,000 barrels of oil and 15 million cubic feet of natural gas.Currently, Shell has three additional Gulf of Mexico deep-water projects under construction – Appomattox, Kaikias, and Coulomb Phase 2 – as well as options for additional subsea tiebacks and Vito, a potential, new hub in the region.last_img read more

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Crazy! New Zealand law gives river human rights – but not unborn babies

first_imgThe Blaze 18 March 2017Family First Comment: “Although New Zealand now feels compelled to grant human rights to non-living entities in the nation, the country allows women of any age to have an abortion under a number of circumstances.”That’s right folks. An unborn child has less rights than a river. Only in NZ! A new law in New Zealand grants to a major river and all its tributaries the same legal status as a human being.The New Zealand Parliament passed a law on Wednesday giving the Whanganui River, a 180-mile river located on New Zealand’s North Island, the same legal status as a human under New Zealand law. The designation is the first known time in history a river has been given the same status as a person under a nation’s laws.According to a report by the BBC, the Maori, an indigenous people in New Zealand, have been pushing for the designation for more than a century. Chris Finlayson, the negotiations minister of the Treaty of Waitangi for New Zealand, made it clear the river will no longer “belong” to anyone.“The Crown will not own the river bed,” said Finlayson, according to a report by the Wanganui Chronicle. “The river will own itself. That’s a world-leading innovation for a river system.”Because a river is not capable of speaking or thinking, two human legal representatives will be appointed to represent the river in court when legal disputes arise. The Wanganui Chronicle reports one of those people will be selected by the “river tribes” and the second by the New Zealand government.In addition to the increased legal rights for the river, the new law grants $30 million to repair the Whanganui River and $80 million to settle disputes with local tribes.Although New Zealand now feels compelled to grant human rights to non-living entities in the nation, the country allows women of any age to have an abortion under a number of circumstances.Women may abort a pregnancy under 20 weeks if the mother’s life is in danger, there is a physical health danger present or any danger to mental health, in the case of incest or rape, when there is a lack of mental capacity or when there is a fetal abnormality. Very young or very old women may also be eligible without any of the conditions listed above. After 20 weeks of pregnancy, abortion is restricted to situations in which there is a risk of severe health problems for the unborn child or the mother. up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

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Apparent Hostage Situation Blocks Roads Near Delray Beach

first_imgSeveral law enforcement units are on the scene of a possible hostage situation in Highland Beach Wednesday evening, according to Delray Beach Police Department.Police have blocked off the area near U.S. 1 and Linton Rd. in both directions.Delray Beach police spokesman Ted White says officials have not been able to contact the person who is barricaded in the building at 3211 S. Ocean Blvd.However, he believes the other individuals with the person are uninjured.Boca Raton police, including its SWAT team, are assisting Highland Beach and Delray Beach Police.Florida Highway Patrol is handling traffic control.This is a developing story.last_img read more

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This Week’s Favorite Features – Beating The Heat

first_imgThurstonTalk aims to be your source for positive information and events happening in Olympia.  If you have a suggestion for a story, send us a note at [email protected]  For more events and to learn what’s happening in Olympia and the surrounding area, click here. Undeniably, the top posts this week centered around ways to stay cool during record high temperatures.  It’s not often that Thurston County residents brace hot weather and need a reprieve.  Luckily, ThurstonTalk came to the rescue and published information about ways to chill out.  Now that the thermometer has returned to a manageable 70 degrees, it’s hard to think about heat exhaustion and cooling stations.  But, to prepare for “next time” (which incidentally may not be until next August), here is a summary of our posts related to combating the heat.Heat Hot!  Ideas To Stay Cool In Thurston CountyDr. Diana Yu, the Health Officer for Thurston County, quickly rallied her resources and pulled together some great tips for staying cool.  ThurstonTalk also published a list of cooling stations to help residents find a safe place to wait out the heat wave.  And, many parents relied on our post summarizing the  downtown Olympia fountain hours before heading out.Thrifty Thurston Visits The New East Bay Public PlazaThis article has been soaring our charts for ten days.  Not only is the East Bay Public Plaza a fabulous addition to downtown Olympia but the running stream was a welcome sight for hot feet earlier this week.  Many kids (of all ages!) waded in the stream throughout the week, cooling off in a beautiful public park setting.  Flip through our photo set to see more East Bay action.Kayak Opportunities Galore and Paddleboarding – The Perfect Summer Activity On The WaterReaders also turned to our summaries of kayaking and paddleboarding.  (Sneaking out of the office early to enjoy bright sunshine?)  Regardless of your athleticism, these two activities can be enjoyed right here, in Olympia waters.  Whether you are renting a kayak at West Bay or launching a paddleboard in Boston Harbor, an increasing number of Olympia area residents are finding pleasure in these outdoor activities.And, no weekend summary would be complete without a shout-out to the beloved Pet Parade.  Completing its 83rd year touring downtown Olympia, the popular event was visited by hundreds of two- and four-legged friends.  Scan the photos shot by our ThurstonTalk photographer by clicking here.  If you missed this year’s parade, mark your calendar for August 17, 2013 (third Saturday of the month) when pets will, once again, parole the downtown Olympia shopping core. Facebook8Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

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Herstelling man died from drowning – post-mortem

first_imgPolice in A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) has handed over to relatives the body of the 38-year-old Herstelling, EBD resident who was found floating in a canal on Tuesday morning.Dead: Jaigobin SeecharranThe body was released following a post-mortem examination that was conducted on Wednesday by State Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh, who found that Jaigobin Seecharran, called “Red Man”, of Lot 92 Herstelling New Housing Scheme, died as a result of “drowning by blunt trauma”.Seecharran’s body was discovered about 08:30h by workers of a nearby block-making establishment floating face-down in the ‘Number 3’ canal, which separates Herstelling and the Mocha Access Road.Guyana Times was told that after the body was spotted, the Police were informed and ranks from the nearby Providence Police Station went over and subsequently summoned the undertakers.At the time, word of the “floating body” spread through the village and persons, including relatives of Seecharran, were gathered around and so they were able to identify the body after it was removed from the canal.This publication understands that Seecharran, a former minibus conductor, was last seen alive by relatives on Sunday evening when he left home about 19:30h.His brother, Seegobin, told this publication that they were not worried when the 38-year-old man did not return home, since he would usually disappear for a few days without informing anyone whenever he imbibed heavily.Meanwhile, the Police had said that checks were made for marks of violence, but none were found on Seecharran’s body.last_img read more

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Race for McEachran hots up

first_imgQPR are planning to table a bid for Aston Villa’s England striker Darren Bent, according to the Daily Mirror.The paper also say Rangers may sell Adel Taarabt to Paris St Germain when the transfer window reopens and use the cash to reinvest in their squad.Taarabt’s QPR future is in serious doubt.Meanwhile, Villa appear to have entered the race to sign highly-rated youngster Josh McEachran on loan from Chelsea.The Daily Mail and The Guardian both suggest Villa are keen to land the midfielder, who has been linked with several other clubs – including Fulham.The Mail also report that Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has had Tommy Langley removed as a pundit on the club’s television channel for criticising the Portuguese’s treatment of disenchanted players.The Guardian is one several papers to report Martin Jol’s denial of a bust-up with Fulham striker Bobby Zamora.On Tuesday, speaking ahead of tonight’s game against Manchester United, Whites boss Jol insisted there was no rift between himself and the player but said Zamora is no longer a first-choice forward.This page is updated throughout the day. Follow West London Sport on Twitterlast_img read more

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