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Derrick Mokaleng has many layers to his success

first_imgTwitter + posts Twitter Another series win lands TCU Baseball in the top 5, earns Sikes conference award Run. Rest. Religion. Repeat.Derrick Mokaleng has instilled this routine into his everyday life and it shows when he’s on the track.Mokaleng, a sophomore entrepreneurial management major, has broken countless NCAA records while running at TCU. Mokaleng recorded the second fastest 600-yard run in collegiate history Jan. 19, at the Red Raider Invitational in Lubbock, Texas.Mokaleng finished in second place and recorded a time of 1:08, just 0.02 seconds behind Vincent Crisp, the Texas Tech runner who set the collegiate 600 record.“Honestly with that race, I just went there to run the race,” Mokaleng said. “I wasn’t thinking of running a good time because I wasn’t feeling good going into the race. Then on the last lap, I just decided to stick with the guy from Texas Tech and then we just pushed each other to the line. We found out later that we ran the two fastest times in college history,” he said with a casual shoulder shrug.”Coming to the United States from South Africa, Mokaleng had to adjust to the differences. He says the track structures, weather conditions, coaching and workouts are all different than back home.“At home, I focused more on endurance and coming here now I focus more on speed and strength,” he said.Mokaleng also holds the fastest 400-meter time in NCAA Division 1 after recording a 45.17 at the Sun Angel Classic in Tempe, Arizona, on April 8, 2018.Derrick MokalengVenngage InfographicsDirector of Track and Field Darryl Anderson said Mokaleng’s passion is transparent in practices.“His work ethic and his commitment to the sport are what make him so special,” he said. “If you take your three to four hour practice days, student-athletes have another 20 hours to themselves.”Anderson said it’s what athletes do with the remainder of their day that dictates their success.“I have a calendar on my wall where I mark down all my times that I want to achieve each year,” Mokaleng said. “Every time I reach those goals or times I’m just happy with my progress and the work I’ve put in.”Mokaleng said he discovered his passion for running at seven years old when his dad got him and his two siblings interested in the sport.“My life has always revolved around running,” Mokaleng said. “That’s all I knew in high school, all I did was run.”He said when he was younger he wasn’t always the most talented of athletes, but he credits his recent success to God.“I was always small and I wasn’t the strongest athlete,” Mokaleng said. “I think that my strength and all the things I am able to accomplish on the track is because of God and his grace. It’s a blessing from God just the talent that I have today so I just give it all to Him.”With two more years left at TCU, Coach Anderson said he hopes Mokaleng continues to grow as a person and athlete.“He’s becoming a man– he’s away from home, he doesn’t have parents here to give him the guidance,” he said. “I give him as much guidance as I can on and off the track but I also have to allow him to grow. But at the end of the day, my goal for him is to get his college education and his degree.”Although Mokaleng is in Fort Worth for 10 months of the year, he still finds ways to represent his country on the track.Anderson said Mokaleng ran on the South African junior team and is hoping to represent South African in the World Championships next year.“Every time I put on the green and gold of South Africa I feel proud because I know I’m not just representing myself and my family,” Mokaleng said. “I’m also representing the country, the people of South Africa. Just being able to represent TCU and my country is one of my proudest moment I can think of.”At the 2018 TCU All-Sports Banquet, Mokaleng was awarded the Male Breakout Athlete of the Year. Previous articleHonor students help revive English as a second language course for employeesNext articleTwo brothers strengthen relationship through music Alexis Guerrero RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Alexis Guerrero Dean of Admission reflects on university’s growing recognition TCU rowing program strengthens after facing COVID-19 setbacks Alexis Guerrero Where to watch Super Bowl LIII in Fort Worth Alexis Guerrero Linkedin Alexis Guerrero Facebook Alexis Guerrero Linkedin Facebook ReddIt Alexis Guerrero is a junior sports broadcasting and journalism double major from Fort Worth, Texas. She is a dog, baseball, and pizza enthusiast. print ReddIt Hector Gutierrez’s worldly experience has helped establish Beach Volleyball Baseball adjusts to losing numerous key players from previous seasons TCU baseball finds their biggest fan just by saying hellolast_img read more

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Phish Takes First Set “Chalkdust” Deep In Albany Closer [Video]

first_imgPhish returned to Albany, NY last night to complete their tour-opening two-night stand at the Times Union Center. After setting the table with a high-octane first night of Fall Tour, Phish turned in a confident–but somewhat safe–performance on night two in Albany, though the show certainly featured plenty of improvisational fireworks.Set one started off with the “Crowd Control”, making its second appearance of 2018 and only its eighteenth performance all-time. It didn’t take long for the familiar guitar riff from “Chalk Dust Torture” to kick things into a higher gear, and the band delivered a particularly strong version. Just as the song seemed to be coming to an end, guitarist Trey Anastasio deviated from the song’s typical conclusion and pushed the band into pure improvisation. The unexpected jam moved into an ethereal space, rapidly gaining momentum as Phish charged forward to create a truly unique moment and a clear early show highlight.Following “Chalkdust”, the band cooled things down with the Round Room ballad “All Of These Dreams”, another rarity that has only been performed twelve times since its debut. Page McConnell brought the energy back up when he started the ever-reliable “Wolfman’s Brother”, and Phish turned in a strong version of the funky favorite. An atypical early show “Scent Of A Mule” was a welcome surprise, having last appeared during “Boston Cream” night of the band’s Baker’s Dozen residency in 2017.Well-played versions of “NICU” and “Gumbo”  kept things moving, before the band launched into “Steam”, which featured a psychedelic jam with guitar stabs from Anastasio and powerful drumming from Jon Fishman. The quick and goofy “I Didn’t Know” followed, with Fishman delivering his famous and increasingly rare vacuum solo. Phish closed out set one with “Bathtub Gin”, with McConnell leaning into his baby grand to inspire some solid full band improvisation, helping to guide the band to a glorious peak.Set two started with, the funky, relatively new rocker “Set Your Soul Free”. The band quickly moved past the song into a dark improvisational space, with Fishman and bassist Mike Gordon pushing the band deeper into type II psychedelia, all while Anastasio turned to his delay pedal before pushing forward with a confident lead. The transition into “Birds of a Feather”, however, was rough, with Anastasio seriously missing on the song’s opening guitar lick, while also singing the song’s first verse in the wrong key. The band recovered from these flubs with a powerful version of the song, with a strong and driven jam section.The multi-sectional epic, “Mercury”, continued the trend of dark jams, with Gordon’s wet bass sound encouraging another round of psychedelic stabs from Anastasio and some serious organ work from McConnell. The jam eventually fizzled, with the band dissolving into ominous ambient sounds before starting “Light”. This version was quick out of the gates, with confident playing from the whole band, as they consistently built towards several huge peaks on another strong version of the Joy jam-vehicle.A particularly strong version of “The Wedge” preceded “Wading In The Velvet Sea”, the second late-second-set ballad in as many days. While the song was played well, the placement (as always) was questionable at best. The beloved Gamehendge rocker “Wilson” was Phish’s version of an apology, turning the volume to eleven for a raging version that brought the energy in the room back up in a major way. Phish harnessed that energy and put it into “Slave To The Traffic Light”, which saw the band deliver a typically blissful jam as they brought the second set to a close on a high note.For their encore, Phish started things off with a fiery version of the blues party rocker, “Julius”, after which Anastasio expressed his gratitude to the crowd for a great two nights, explaining that they loved playing at the Times Union Center and that it felt “like a hometown gig”. Surprisingly, the band then started up “Rocky Top” and the band worked through a quick version of the beloved bluegrass standard to bring the show to its end.While night two in Albany may have come short of the ambitious risks taken on night one, Phish fans should certainly be excited by how the band is playing and for what’s to come over the next two weeks.“Chalkdust Torture”[Video: Gregory Marcus]Following this two-night-stand at the Times Union Center, Phish continues their fall tour this weekend with a three-night run on hallowed grounds at The Mothership, Hampton Coliseum. The band follows that up with a two-night stand at Nashville, TN’s fan-favorite venue, the Ascend Amphitheatre, a three-night stand at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL, and then a four-night Halloween run at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.Phish | Times Union Center | Albany, NY | 10/17/2018Set I: Crowd Control, Chalk Dust Torture, All Of These Dreams, Wolfman’s Brother, Scent Of A Mule, NICU, Gumbo, Steam, I Didn’t Know, Bathtub GinSet II: Set Your Soul Free > Birds Of A Feather, Mercury > Light, The Wedge, Wading In The Velvet Sea, Wilson, Slave To The Traffic LightEncore: Julius, Rocky Toplast_img read more

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Sickly sweet

first_img Author makes case for ‘uniquely toxic’ health effects in talk at HLS Previous studies have found links between SSB intake and weight gain and higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, although few have looked at the connection between SSB intake and mortality. In the new study, researchers analyzed data from 80,647 women participating in the Nurses’ Health Study (1980‒2014) and 37,716 men in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (1986-2014). For both studies, participants answered questionnaires about their lifestyles and health status every two years.After adjusting for major diet and lifestyle factors, the researchers found that the more SSBs a person drank, the more their risk of early death from any cause increased. Compared with drinking SSBs less than once per month, drinking one to four sugary drinks per month was linked with a 1 percent increased risk; two to six per week with a 6 percent increase; one to two per day with a 14 percent increase; and two or more per day with a 21 percent increase. The increased early death risk linked with SSB consumption was more apparent among women than among men.There was a particularly strong link between drinking sugary beverages and increased risk of early death from cardiovascular disease (CVD). Compared with infrequent SSB drinkers, those who drank two or more servings per day had a 31 percent higher risk of early death from CVD. Each additional serving per day of SSBs was linked with a 10 percent increased higher risk of CVD-related death.Among both men and women, there was a modest link between SSB consumption and early death risk from cancer.Researchers also looked at the association between drinking artificially sweetened beverages (ASBs) and risk of early death. They found that replacing SSBs with ASBs was linked with a moderately lower risk of early death. But they also found a link between high intake levels of ASBs (at least four servings a day) and slightly increased risk of both overall and CVD-related mortality among women, so they cautioned against excessive ASB consumption.“These findings are consistent with the known adverse effects of high sugar intake on metabolic risk factors and the strong evidence that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, itself a major risk factor for premature death. The results also provide further support for policies to limit marketing of sugary beverages to children and adolescents and for implementing soda taxes because the current price of sugary beverages does not include the high costs of treating the consequences,” said Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition.Other Harvard Chan authors of the study included Yanping Li, Eva Schernhammer, and Frank Hu.Funding for the study came from research grants UM1 CA186107, UM1 CA176726, UM1 CA167552, P01 CA87969, P01 CA055075, R01 HL034594, HL088521, HL35464, and HL60712 from the National Institutes of Health. Symposium examines sweetener’s effects on human body and on public policy The more sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) people drink, the greater their risk of premature death — particularly from cardiovascular disease, and to a lesser extent from cancer, according to a large, long-term study of U.S. men and women. The risk of early death linked with drinking SSBs was more pronounced among women.The study, led by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, also found that drinking one artificially sweetened beverage (ASB) per day instead of a sugary one lowered the risk of premature death. But drinking four or more ASBs per day was associated with increased risk of mortality in women.The study will be published today in the journal Circulation.“Our results provide further support to limit intake of SSBs and to replace them with other beverages, preferably water, to improve overall health and longevity,” said Vasanti Malik, research scientist in the Department of Nutrition and lead author of the study.Studies have shown that SSBs — carbonated and noncarbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks, and sports drinks — are the single largest source of added sugar in the U.S. diet. Although SSB consumption in the U.S. has dropped over the past decade, there’s been a recent uptick among adults, with intake levels from SSBs alone nearly exceeding the dietary recommendation for consuming no more than 10 percent of daily calories from added sugars. SSB intake is also on the rise in developing countries, spurred by urbanization and beverage marketing, according to the authors. Related The unsavory side of sugar Sugar stands accusedlast_img read more

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GOtv Boxing Night 20: Fight against Anan will be easy, boats Real One

first_imgRelatedPosts Flykite announces postponement of GOtv Boxing Night 21 Real One, Baby Face, Esepo to headline GOtv Boxing Night 21 GOtv Boxing Night 20 holds today Reigning West African Boxing Union lightweight champion, Rilwan “Real One” Oladosu, has declared that his title defence against Ghana’s Ezekiel Anan will require minimal effort. The encounter is one of the four title bouts at the nine-fight GOtv Boxing Night 20, which holds at Lagos’ Tafawa Balewa Square on 28 December. Speaking after a sparring session yesterday Real One claimed that Anan stands no chance of causing an upset. “This is my first title defence and I’m sure, very sure, it will be easy. Anan is deceiving himself if he is nursing the ambition of returning with the title. He should just come and enjoy the hospitality Nigerians are known to provide. But that hospitality will not extend to the ring, where I’m the master,” said the champion. He claimed to have defeated the best Ghanaian boxers, a level to which he believes is way above Anan’s. GOtv Boxing Night 20 will be headlined by the World Boxing Federation Intercontinental Heavyweight title fight between Onoriode “Godzilla” Ehwariemi of Nigeria and Ariel “Chiquito” Baracamonte of Argentina. Also at the show, WABU welterweight champion, Nigeria’s Nigeria’s Rilwan “Baby Face” Babatunde, will defend his title against another Ghanaian, Sanitor Agbenyo. There will also be the national super bantamweight title bout between Sadiq “Happy Boy” Adeleke and Opeyemi “Sense” Adeyemi. Also in action is Taiwo “Esepo” Agbaje, the national featherweight champion, who takes on Olusegun Moses in a challenge bout. Another big name on the card is Ridwan “Scorpion” Oyekola, who will fight Sikiru “Omo Iya Eleja” Shogbesan in a national super featherweight contest. Incumbent national light heavyweight champion, Adewale “Masevex” Masebinu, will face Olanrewaju Segun in a challenge clash, while Alaba “Eylbow” Omotola and Bolaji “Fight to Finish” Abdullahi will go head-to-head in a national lightweight challenge. There is also an all-female super featherweight clash between Cynthia “Omo Bobby” Ogunsemilore and Aminat Yekini. The event will also feature live musical performances from “Bolanle” crooner, Zlatan; “Up to Something” singer, Mayorkun, and “Mercy of the Lord” performer, Oritsefemi. The best boxer at the show will win a cash prize of N1million alongside the Mojisola Ogunsanya Memorial Trophy.Tags: ANANGOtv Boxing NightReal OneTafawa Balewa Squarelast_img read more

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