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Summer Camp Music Festival Addresses Relocation Rumors In New Statement

first_imgLongtime fans of the Summer Camp Music Festival were on edge yesterday, as an article in the Commercial-News reported that the festival was cleared to set up shop on a new site during the same Memorial Day weekend as years past. Though the Commercial-News article didn’t specifically name Summer Camp, fans recognized its description from the scheduled dates, as well as the festival’s parent company, Progressive Innovations, LTD.That article stated that the festival was coming to the Kennekuk County Park, site of the former Phases Of The Moon Festival, and roughly two hours driving from the festival’s current location at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL. Naturally, longtime fans of Summer Camp were a bit concerned about the relocation of their festival, ultimately forcing founder Ian Goldberg to make a statement about the situation.The festival indeed confirmed that they were looking into Kennekuk County Park as a backup, as their relationship with Three Sisters Park has become particularly tense. Goldberg assures that no decision has been made yet, stating a “profound love” for Three Sisters. The Kennekuk site appears to be a last resort, but a measure that they would not have taken if there wasn’t a possibility for relocation.You can read Ian Goldberg’s full statement below.Summer Camp Family,As there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there due to press coverage of a public meeting, I wanted to set the record straight. At this time, there has been no decision made to move Summer Camp from Three Sisters Park.It is no secret that we have long been having troubles with our current venue. We are currently engaged in a legal case over material terms of our existing contract with them. Although we have made our best efforts at dialogue and to find a mutually agreeable resolution, we have been unable to resolve those issues to date.As such, we have had to move forward with alternative plans in case the issues are unable to be resolved. On Wednesday night, the Vermillion County Conservation District approved a draft contract to allow us to hold festivals at the Kennekuk County Park outside of Danville, Illinois.It has been reported that this means we are moving Summer Camp to Kennekuk County Park. At this time, that decision has not been made. We are very excited by the potentials of this great park and the welcome we have received from all involved in the Danville area. We are continuing to examine all options for use of this great space.Should our attempts to resolve our issues with Three Sisters Park prove futile, there is the possibility that Kennekuk could become Summer Camp’s future home, however, that decision is premature at this point.Like all of you, we have a profound love of our current home. I married my wife there. And when she passed, we created a memorial for her there. If we are forced to make a move, you can trust it will be because we all can no longer feel welcome in this space.If we are unable to resolve our issues, you can also trust that Kennekuk County Park is an amazing space filled with lakes, trees and beautiful open spaces ready to welcome and embrace everything that Summer Camp has come to stand for. Or, it possibly will be home to a new and different event at some time in the future.So for the moment, I ask that you ignore any rumors and speculation about what is going on, and wait to hear from us once we work through these issues.Thanks and much love,Ian GoldbergFounder and DirectorSummer Camp Music Festivallast_img read more

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