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The Flash Gets a New Villain and a Daughter at SDCC

first_img Today really was DC’s time to shine. They didn’t just kill it with their movie announcements, the Arrowverse had some big trailers too. DC closed out the day with a peek at Season Five of The Flash. Season Four acted as kind of a reset, getting the show back to the lighthearted Villain of the Week format of Season One. Some episodes it worked and in others, most of the early DeVoe-focused ones, it really didn’t. During a panel at Comic Con, the show debuted a new trailer. In it, we learn more about Barry and Iris’ daughter, and meet a mysterious new villain.This is looking a lot more like the Flash we loved in seasons one and two. We get some intriguing details about Nora in it too. We already knew she was from the future, but now we know she’s stuck here. And it seems like something happens to Barry and Iris in the future. Something Nora’s keeping from them. Hey, that’s a can-I-talk-to-you hallway scene I actually want to watch. The Flash was at its best when it was playing around with time travel, so I’m always happy to see more of it. Also, Barry gets a new costume, and it comes out of a ring. Just to appease all the comics readers out there.Interestingly, Barry’s daughter’s superhero name, XS, doesn’t belong to Barry’s daughter in the comics. The nickname did come from Barry, but it belongs Jenni Ognats, Barry and Iris’ granddaughter. We already know she’s hiding something. Is she hiding the time she’s actually from? Or did the show just decide to skip a generation to make the adaptation smoother? That seems more likely. Especially when, in the comics, Barry named his kids Don and Dawn. Seriously, who does that?Chris Klein in The Flash (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/The CW)But let’s talk about that villain, seen at the very end of the trailer. Entertainment Weekly reports that Chris Klein was cast as this season’s big bad. The trailer doesn’t show you much, but the panel revealed that the main villain of Season Five will be Cicada. In the comics, Cicada has the ability to absorb the life force of other people. He believes his ability comes from the same place as The Flash’s. He becomes a cult leader, and completely obsessed with the superhero. Comic Book describes the show’s version as deviating slightly from the comics. He’ll be a man whose family was torn apart by metahumans, and he’ll be doing away with them one by one. That could make for a pretty scary villain, while setting up some fun metahuman-of-the-week episodes.The Flash started getting away from villain speedsters last season. While it was a little hit-and-miss, it was a refreshing change in direction for the series. The show is more interesting when the solution isn’t just “be faster.” Now that they’ve figured out how to force Barry to use other skills, the show should be better at it in Season Five. Cicada will certainly be a very formidable villain, and executive producer Todd Helbing warned the audience to prepare for tragedy.“There will be a lot of deaths this year,” he said. Oh boy. How important they’ll be, how much will change, we don’t know. Though Nora is sure acting weird toward Iris.As Grant Gustin explains, “We’re all in a different headspace about it. Nora’s really clingy to Barry and we don’t really know why, and a little more distant with Iris.” Oh god, please let Iris be OK. I don’t know if I can take another Savitar-like ticking clock.For a show about speedsters, The Flash will take its time getting back. The show returns October 9, on The CW.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. All the Trailers You Might Have Missed from SDCCVoltron Confirmed Gay AF Stay on targetlast_img read more

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