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HSU point guard Tyra Turner scored 26 points to lead the Jacks to first win of season

first_imgArcata >> How do you spell relief if you are a Humboldt State basketball fan? T-Y-R-A.HSU point guard Tyra Turner scored 26 points, including nine in the final minute and a half, to lead the Jacks to their first win of the season, 71-62, over Holy Names University on Tuesday at Lumberjack Arena.Simply put, Turner was outstanding on Tuesday. The freshman from San Bernardino was eight of 11 from the field and nine of 10 from the charity stripe. But what Turner did on the defensive end was as …last_img read more

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To Get Complex Life, Just Add Oxygen

first_imgA story is circulating in the science news media that a burst of complex organisms in the Cambrian coincided with a rise in oxygen in the atmosphere.  Reporters seem to be drawing a cause-and-effect relationship.  Examples:[email protected]:  “A sharp increase in the amount of oxygen in the air may have sparked the evolution of complex animal life.”Queen’s University:  “Finding an answer to Darwin’s Dilemma: Oxygen may be the clue to first appearance of large animals, says Queen’s prof.”Science Daily:  “The close connection between the first appearance of oxygenated conditions in the world’s oceans and the first appearance of large animal fossils confirms the importance of oxygen as a trigger for the early evolution of animals, the researchers say.”The news relates to a paper published on Science Express.  The abstract shows that the premise is built on mere circumstantial evidence:Animals have an absolute requirement for oxygen, and an increase in late Neoproterozoic oxygen concentrations has been forwarded as a stimulus for their evolution.  The iron content of deep-sea sediments show that the deep ocean was anoxic and ferruginous before and during the Gaskiers glaciation 580 million years ago, becoming oxic afterward.  The first known members of the Ediacara biota are found shortly after the Gaskiers glaciation, suggesting a causal link between their evolution and this oxygenation event.  A prolonged stable oxic environment may have permitted the emergence of bilateral motile animals some 25 million years later.In a similar story (but further back in the evolutionary timeline), Science Now reported another chemical key to life.  “How in the world did life emerge on a planet composed only of simple chemical compounds?  Scientists say they may have found part of the answer in a mineral that seems to act as an effective catalyst for the earliest organic processes.”  The article calls this mineral, sphalerite, as “Nature’s Jump-Starter.”1Canfield et al, “Late-Neoproterozoic Deep-Ocean Oxygenation and the Rise of Animal Life,” Science, published Online December 7, 2006, Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1135013.There it is: the dead giveaway that the Darwinists are conjuring up miracles again: the word emergence.  This is how they dazzle the world with their wizardry and dupe the press.  The mere utterance of the word sends reporters into a trance, where dreams of evolution come true.  In their mythical lands of Ediacara and Gaskiers in the long-lost kingdom of Muddle Earth, the trolls and orcs forge monsters under the sea, their fires stoked with the miracle-working ether of oxygen, under the direction of Sauron’s minion, Tinker Bell.    Anything is possible in fiction.  Here, the only things required to make complex life emerge are requirements themselves.  “Animals have an absolute requirement for oxygen,” the wizards pronounce, so they add the magic ingredient to their potion, and presto!*  Complex animals with eyes, jointed articulating limbs, fins, molecular machines and coded languages simply emerge from the mix.  In the second article, a well-known chemical evolutionist (aka alchemist), in charmèd spirit, rejoices at the discovery of another putative philosopher’s stone that may bring us “a lot closer to understanding the chemical origins of life.”  Aren’t you fortunate to be living in the Age of Enchantment, where all you have to do is believe.    The pesky creationists spoil this phantasmagoric vision.  They’re shaking the bed of the dreaming scientists, shouting “Wake up!  Wake up!  You’re late for work!”  No wonder they are so despised.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Can Gratitude Be Studied Scientifically?

first_img(Visited 22 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Some psychologists say gratitude improves one’s well being.  But is that a subject for science?According to a report on Science Daily, “Growing Up Grateful Gives Teens Multiple Mental Health Benefits.”  According to a psychologist from University of California, “Increases in gratitude over a four-year period were significantly related to improvements in life satisfaction, happiness, positive attitudes and hope.”For the study, 700 students aged 10 to 14 answered questionnaires, then 4 years later, were surveyed again.  Those categorized as “most grateful” were judged by the researchers as having 13 to 17% more purpose in life, more satisfaction with “life overall,” more happiness and hopefulness, less delinquency, and fewer negative attitudes.The researchers defined “gratefulness” as “having a disposition and moods that enabled them to respond positively to the good people and things in their lives.”  The New York based sample contained a mix of ethnic backgrounds, with 54% girls and (presumably) the rest boys.  The lead researcher, Dr. Giacomo Bono, made sweeping conclusions:“These findings suggest that gratitude may be strongly linked with life-skills such as cooperation, purpose, creativity and persistence and, as such, gratitude is vital resource that parents, teachers and others who work with young people should help youth build up as they grow up,” Bono said. “More gratitude may be precisely what our society needs to raise a generation that is ready to make a difference in the world.“Dr. Bono’s definitions of these qualities are not found in the article, nor is his view on what kind off difference in the world is good to make.Much as you might like to agree with these conclusions, this is another example of useless research done by modern psychopriests trying to justify their existence.  Who are psychologists to tell people about gratitude?  They can’t even define the word.  It’s “the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful,” not a positive disposition.  What do they mean by positive?  Are we talking about electricity, protons versus electrons?  No; gratitude is inextricably bound up with thankfulness.  Thankfulness needs an object: you are thankful to someone who is deserving of appreciation for what they done for you – your parents, your teachers, your God.  It does no good to walk around with positive vibes aimed at nothing; you have to humble yourself and honor the subject of your gratitude with true, heartfelt appreciation.  Can science measure that?In addition, the so-called “science” of psychology lacks the precision expected of science.  How did Dr. Bono calibrate his gratitudometer?  What are the units of happiness?  The research summary is loaded with glittering generalities: ambiguous words like purpose (did not the Colorado killer have a purpose?), creativity (was he not creative as the Joker?), persistence (did he not persist in booby-trapping his apartment?).  All of these touchy-feely words are meaningless without their object: purpose for, creative about, persistence toward.  If the object of the word is evil, the quality becomes an accomplice to evil.  Wouldn’t you rather confront a robber who lacked purpose, creativity and persistence?  As for “ready to make a difference in the world,” Genghis Khan and Saddam Hussein were well qualified.  Science cannot make value judgements when pursuing quantifiable qualities.Another fault is that this study subliminally suggests that parents, teachers, and others who influence teenagers should teach them to be selfish.  How?  The conclusion stressed the personal rewards that the teen will receive from behaving a certain way: have a positive attitude “so that” you can have better health and happiness.  Needless to say, true gratitude is not concerned with self.  Gratitude should be encouraged because it is right, not because it provides health benefits.  Teach teens right ways as a matter of duty, whether or not it makes them happy.  When they learn to love righteousness, humility and thankfulness, any personal happiness they encounter will be fringe benefits; but teens need to be forewarned that doing right is often accompanied by suffering, rejection or strife.  Do right because it’s right.This shows that psychology is as useful to science as a foghorn to an orchestra.  Some psychologists can perform valid work in limited areas that are observable, testable, and repeatable, like learning theory (e.g., what is the best method for memorizing), but even then, the conclusions are often fuzzy and fungible.  You could learn memorization and the other things probably just as well from your parents or grandparents who have honed their conclusions in the furnace of real life experience, not by answering questionnaires from quacks.  When psychopseudoscience tries to raise its voice about moral qualities and values like gratitude and happiness, well; one thing is clear: you’ll enjoy the concert better without the foghorn.So do your duty: invite a psychologist to church, where he/she can learn all about the proper objects of gratitude, purpose, creativity, and persistence.  If the psychologist repents and gives up his/her pretensions, you have gained your brother/sister.last_img read more

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South Africans embrace social media

first_img26 October 2011South African internet users have embraced social media as a core pillar of their online activity, a new study finds. MXit and Facebook have the most user numbers, while Twitter has seen the most dramatic growth in social networking in the past year.The study, entitled “South African Social Media Landscape 2011”, was released this week by social media monitoring firm Fuseware and researchers World Wide Worx.“The question of how many South Africans use each of the major social networks comes up so often, it became a priority for us to pin down the numbers,” Fuseware MD and report co-author Michal Wronski said in a statement this week.“The data was collected through a combination of Fuseware’s analysis of social network databases, information provided directly by social networks, and World Wide Worx’s consumer market research.”Personalities driving Twitter growthAn analysis of Fuseware’s extensive database of Twitter usage, in conjunction with World Wide Worx’s consumer market research, shows that there were 1.1-million Twitter users in South Africa in mid-2011 – a 20-fold increase in a little more than a year.“One of the drivers of growth of Twitter is the media obsession with the network,” said World Wide Worx MD and report co-author Arthur Goldstuck. “Most radio and TV personalities with large audiences are engaged in intensive campaigns to drive their listeners and viewers to both Twitter and Facebook.“The former, coming off a very low base, is therefore seeing the greatest growth.”As in the global environment, not all Twitter users are active users, with only 40% tweeting, but probably as many simply watching, following and using it as a breaking news service.MXit remains most popularMXit remains the most popular social network in South Africa, with approximately 10-million active users. Its demographic mix runs counter to the popular media image of MXit as a teen-dominated environment, with no less than 76% of the male user base of MXit and 73% of female users aged 18 or over.A surprising finding emerged from analysis of Facebook data, which shows that of approximately 4.2-million Facebook users in South Africa (by August 2011), only 3.2-million had visited the site in the year-to-date.“This is partly a factor of many users moving on once the novelty of the site had worn off, as well as a result of the fickle nature of the youth market,” said Wronski.The study also found BlackBerry Messenger to be the fastest growing network in South Africa in the second half of 2011.“Once BBM picked up significant traction in private schools, for example, many teenagers who had previously flocked to Facebook opted for BBM’s greater immediacy.”Business owners using LinkedInWhile LinkedIn, aimed at professional users, also reached the 1.1-million mark, it came off a far higher base – but still saw 83% growth of South African users from 2010 to 2011. Of these, 112 000 or 10% are business owners.Consumer research analysed in the report revealed that future intention of usage of most social networks is strongly related to age – the younger the user, the greater the intention of usage.“This is only one of many micro-trends shaping social networking,” said Goldstuck. “MXit, Facebook and BBM statistics illustrate, for example, that as social networks become more mainstream, their penetration within all age ranges deepens.“This, in turn, will result in the continual flattening of the age curve as social networks mature.”SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

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Real Madrid stuns Bayern Munich 4-0, storms into Champions League final

first_imgReal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, left, congratulates Real’s Sergio Ramos who scored the opening goal during the Champions League semifinal second leg soccer match against Bayern Munich. APSergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals apiece as Real Madrid advanced to the Champions League final by stunning title holder Bayern Munich 4-0 on Tuesday.Madrid completed a 5-0 aggregate victory and will now play either Chelsea or Atletico Madrid in the May 24 final in Lisbon. Bayern’s slumped to its worst home defeat in the competition, and equaled its heaviest loss overall – 4-0 away to Barcelona in 2009.Madrid had never won in Munich in 10 previous matches, losing nine of them. But this time, Carlo Ancelotti’s team put its stamp on the game early and struck with awesome efficiency.Ramos headed home in the 16th and 20th minutes, and Ronaldo raised his tally to a competition record 16 goals for the season to take Madrid one win away from a record 10th title. Madrid is in its 13th final.Madrid had lost three consecutive semifinals, including a 2012 shootout when Ramos missed a penalty.It was a bitter defeat for Bayern coach Pep Guardiola, who had so much success against Madrid when he was in charge of Barcelona. Bayern was seeking to become the first team to defend the Champions League title.Madrid’s sweeping, fast counterattacks paced by Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Angel Di Maria, along with its tenacious tackling when Bayern tried to come out of the hosts’ own half, were a huge problem for Bayern’s defense but the first two goals came from set pieces, as well as the last.advertisementA corner by Luka Modric was met By Ramos, who headed down past Manuel Neuer, as Dante failed to challenge the Madrid defender.A minute later, Dante was booked for bringing down Ronaldo.The second goal came after Di Maria’s swinging free kick into the box. Pepe nodded the ball on and the diving Ramos headed into the net.Real’s third was a fast break that left the Bayern defense trailing far behind.Benzema fed Bale, who easily outpaced Jerome Boateng and passed to the unmarked Ronaldo, who calmly slotted home in the 34th. Ronaldo then fired a low free kick through the wall in the 89th to complete Madrid’s superb performance.Bayern nerves frayed after the first three goals and the match threatened to get out of hand. Star winger Franck Ribery failed to make an impact and was substituted in the second half. Striker Mario Mandzukic was involved in several incidents and did not come out for the second half.Ronaldo and Bale both missed an empty net when Neuer twice mistimed clearing attempts far outside the penalty box. Ronaldo saw another effort sail wide, although he might have done better by passing to Benzema.The match lost intensity in the second half as Madrid protected its lead while the demoralized Bayern kept possession but rarely threatened.A minute of silence was held before kickoff in memory of former Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova and Vujadin Boskov, a former Serbian coach of Real Madrid. Both died last week.last_img read more

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PM Encourages Women to Become More Involved in Agriculture

first_imgMONTEGO BAY – Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller is urging more women to increase their participation and assertiveness in the economic development of their countries.She issued the call in an address read by Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams, at the Supporting Economic Empowerment and Development in the Caribbean and Pacific (SEED CAP) Forum at the Half Moon Conference Centre in Montego Bay on July 12.Also urging more women to become involved in agriculture in particular, Mrs. Simpson Miller observed the link between gender, nutrition and food security, and poverty.“It is imperative that we design and implement strategies to increase the involvement of women in agriculture; to diversify their roles and to give greater recognition to their contribution to the sector,” the Prime Minister said.Noting that women in the Caribbean and sister states of the Pacific islands, play important roles in household food security as income earners, nurturers and managers of natural resources, she said this is why women must play a pivotal role in the eradication of poverty, the elimination of food insecurity, and the promotion of proper nutrition.“As Government and policy-makers it is critical that we provide the kind of legislative and policy framework and the kind of environment that facilitates the achievement of these goals,” Mrs. Simpson Miller stated.She observed that women are excelling in important agricultural roles as veterinarians, farm managers and educators.Meanwhile, Mrs Simpson Miller pointed out that in tandem with the country’s national development plan and vision to become the place of choice to live, work and raise families, one of the chief objectives is having a healthy and stable population.“We aim to achieve this by advancing the development of an agricultural sector that promotes food security and safety in order to contribute to the well-being of our people,” she informed.In seeking to achieve these objectives, she said there is a clear role for the increased participation of women in agriculture. “Currently our farmer registration programme shows that only about 33 per cent of Jamaican farmers are women… I would like to encourage more women to give due consideration to becoming more involved in this very vital sector of the economy,” she statedThe Forum is being held over the three days in an effort to expand economic opportunities for women in the agriculture sector in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. The United States Department of State and Jamaica in collaboration with the other U.S. agencies and the New Zealand Government are hosting the Forum, which brings together businesses, producers, experts and public and private sector representatives.CONTACT: GLENIS A. ROSEJIS REGIONAL OFFICEMONTEGO BAYlast_img read more

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