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3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros 2 available today

first_imgThe 3DS XL launched today in the US, almost a month after Japan and Europe with New Super Mario Bros. 2 also putting in an appearance.From today you can upgrade your 3DS to a bigger 3DS XL for $200, but you’re not just paying for bigger screens. The whole design has been re-thought, the buttons are bigger and thicker for easier use, the start, select and home buttons have been redesigned, the screen now has an anti-glare coating applied — meaning you can see the screen easier when playing your 3DS XL outside, and even the battery life has been extended giving you one and half hours worth of extra game time.A recent survey showed that Japanese gamers were happy to pay the extra for the larger version of the handheld, and it has been a big hit for Nintendo in its home territory. In the first first week of release in Japan, nearly 200,000 3DS XL’s were sold. Worldwide, the old 3DS has surpassed 19 million sales and it seems likely the XL is going to pick up where its predecessor left off.New Super Mario Bros. 2 also launched in the US today alongside the new handheld. Again, it’s had great success in Japan. Mario lovers can either buy the game in store or download it online via Nintendo’s e-Shop, although you will be paying more if you choose to download it.Consider you’re only paying $30 extra for a bigger handheld, better battery, and all-round improved feature set, the 3DS XL is worth it. Will you be picking one up today?last_img read more

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