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first_imgTechnology | June 10, 2008 Zebra Introduces Printer for Antibacterial Patient ID Wristbands Zebra Technologies introduced the HC100 cartridge-based thermal printer to help make wristband printing easier and more cost-effective for healthcare organizations.Missing or illegible wristbands are a major contributing factor to many adverse events, Zebra said. By utilizing bar-coded wristbands, hospitals can ensure clinicians have the ability to accurately identify patients before collecting specimens, administering medications or transfusing blood. Zebra’s newest patient ID solution combines the small-footprint HC100 thermal printer that is about the same size and weight as a toaster. It uses easy-to-load cartridges containing Zebra’s Z Band direct thermal wristbands, which are antimicrobial coated using a silver-ion technology. Different color or size labels can be used by ejecting the cartridge abnd loading a different one.In contrast to many laser solutions, the HC100 Patient I.D. Solution generates individual wristbands on demand. There is no need for staff to load labels into a special tray, print the labels, attach them to wristbands and apply laminate coatings, resulting in less waste and lower costs.Featuring a smart card that optimizes print intensity and automatically calibrates for band size, the patient ID solution facilitates quick and accurate scanning at the point of care by producing bar codes and text that withstand water, blood, soap and other liquids while remaining smudge-free longer than the average patient stay. The HC100 printer accommodates Zebra’s complete line of white and color Z Band cartridges, which are available in a variety of infant, pediatric and adult sizes as well as in both adhesive tab and clip closures. An antimicrobial coating protects Z Band wristbands from MRSA Types II, III and IV, in addition to S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and E. coli – the leading causes of hospital infections in the U.S.Unlike laser printers, which are not designed to process large quantities of adhesive-backed wristbands and labels, the HC100 was developed to accommodate a high volume of wristbands. As a result, users experience fewer jams and ongoing maintenance needs are minimized. Staff productivity may be enhanced because users do not have to replace toner or ribbons.The HC100 features built-in wireless connectivity, which simplifies implementation and enables users to easily move printers to different locations throughout the hospital. In addition, Zebra said its relationships with leading HIT software vendors help to expedite deployment of the HC100 Patient ID Solution by facilitating ease of integration with ADT applications.
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