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Detroit Auto Show Top Tech Cars Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid

first_imgDETROIT – Who says great technology has to be expensive? Porsche, for one. This hybrid racecar prototype unveiled at the North American International Auto Show uses a flywheel accumulator spinning at up to 36,000 rpm to store energy from deceleration more efficiently than generator and battery would. The driver can unleash up to eight seconds of boost to front-wheel electric motors and increase horsepower from 563 hp (V8 engine alone) to 767 hp (combined). Its road-going cousin, the 918 Spyder concept, might be Porsche’s next supercar, priced on the high side of $500,000. In this case, hybrid refers to a combination of powertrain technologies that primarily provide more performance and, of course, some fuel savings. We leave it to you to calculate how long you’d need to drive a more fuel-efficient Porsche to get back the, oh, $400,000 premium over more pedestrian $150,000 Porsches. Category: Mind-boggling hybrid technology. Why it matters: What Porsche does at significant cost could become mainstream and cheaper in a decade. Flywheels could have potential if buses and delivery vehicles, too. Porsche’s return to Detroit after three years absence adds luster against upstart LA Auto Show. Gearlog mobile’s Top 2011 Detroit Auto Show Tech Cars: Mind-Boggling Hybrid Technology – Porsche 918 RSR Mainstream Hybrid Technology – Toyota Prius C World Car (That Americans Will Buy) – Ford C Class Affordable Sporty Car with Useful Technology – Hyundai Veloster Mainstream Car with Affordable Tech – Chrysler 300last_img read more

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