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Back to the Future hoverboard created but its totally impractical

first_imgAnyone who has watched the film Back to the Future 2 and has seen Marty McFly ride his hover board around Hill Valley has probably been dreaming of doing the same. Of course, movie magic aside, it was known that the world was a long way off from having this dream become a reality.Well, today the dream has got one step closer. Students and professors at the Universite Paris Diderot in France have created a very rough version of a hoverboard, using liquid nitrogen, a superconducting disc, and something called the Meisnner effect to glide the board along a rail.The Meisnner effect, simply put, is the result of putting a magnet on top of superconductor that has been cooled down close to absolute zero. When the superconductor gets that cold, it loses all electric resistance, meaning that the magnet placed on top cannot force its current into the superconductors field. As a result, the magnet is repelled away from the superconductor, creating the hovering witnessed in the video below.Now, before you go racing to lace up your brand new Nike Mag sneakers that you scored recently, there are some severe limitations to this hoverboard when it comes to making it work. First and foremost, the temperature that is needed to create the Meisnner effect is terribly cold, -346 degrees Fahrenheit cold, which is why the liquid nitrogen is needed. If you have ever seen Terminator 2, it is the liquid that causes the terminator to freeze in place and shatter.So we have a dangerous liquid you’d need to carry in a backpack somehow, but that’s only half the problem. The hoverboard also requires there be metal rails everywhere for travel, turning it into less of a go anywhere hoverbaord, and more of a train on rails with limited destinations.So, while Marty’s hoverboard was an independent levitation unit, this current model needs a lot of help to function and ends up being way too expensive to be practical. Still, it makes for a cool experiment and video:via Popsci.comlast_img read more

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