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Secret Portland memo details lapses in arrest of black man

first_imgThe Portland City Council, apprised of the police department’s failings in the incident, unanimously approved a $25,000 settlement Wednesday with the man who was arrested, Anthony Allen Jr.Portland police officers have for decades stopped, searched, arrested, shot at and killed black men at disproportionate rates and continue to do so, according to data published by the Police Bureau, city auditor reports and accounts from criminal justice reformers. Police officials have generally maintained that while there is room for improvement, outright racial profiling is extremely uncommon.The liability incurred by police officer Colby Marrs’ arrest of Allen was outlined in the confidential memo, prepared by a city attorney for the mayor, commissioners, police chief and other select high-ranking officials. The document, provided to The Oregonian/OregonLive by an employee at City Hall, encouraged the City Council to pay to settle a lawsuit brought by Allen.The night of the arrest, Marrs was posted in Allen’s Northeast Portland neighborhood as part of a police perimeter after a shooting. Officers were told the suspects were three young black men wearing hoodies.Allen, then 21, was riding his bike home from work when stopped by officers at the perimeter, who told him to go straight home. Marrs subsequently spotted Allen, who was not wearing a hoodie, just a few houses from his home and told him to “f***ing stop.” When Allen kept going, Marrs used force to handcuff and arrest him. He was jailed for most of the night.last_img read more

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