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10 Good Reasons to Change the Anti-Smacking Law – Reason #1 – Lisa & Erik

first_imgIn desperation, Erik and Lisa approached a public health nurse admitting they sometimes used a smack on their difficult and strong-willed young daughter. With no previous record with CYF, they ended up with their daughters in care and a police investigation. This great law-abiding loving family was traumatised! They were given a ‘critical’ rating – the same given if a child has cigarette burns or is raped or has broken bones. The Latta review made the family sound like an abusive troubled family that somehow got away with it. The review even said that one of the daughters was sexually abused and the parents were aware of it – a complete and utter lie.After 4 years and the intervention of the Privacy Commissioner, CYF finally accepted and entered into permanent record a staggering two and a half pages of corrections on their file. Erik and Lisa are still fighting to have incorrect facts about their family in the Latta Review corrected.WATCH this short clip and make your own judgement.    “We went to hell and back because we tried to use the system.” Lisa (Mother)“The only abuse that’s happened to our kids is this .” Erik (Father)WHAT CAN YOU DO? At the very least, find out which political parties will fix the law to protect good parents. CLICK HERE (question 28)It’s the evidence that politicians and the media don’t want you to see. It’s the evidence John Key asked for – but won’t watch. To see ALL the evidence, go to our updated and new look website . You can view the full documentaries “Mum on a Mission” (2014) and “My Mummy’s A Criminal” (2011).It’s time we held the politicians to account on a failed law which is doing more harm than good. It’s time the politicians listened to YOU!last_img read more

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