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FARC Leader’s Right-Hand Man Killed by Colombian Army

first_imgBy Dialogo March 23, 2011 The Colombian Army has killed the man “closest to and most trusted by” the FARC’s highest-ranking leader, Alfonso Cano, along with two other guerrillas, in fighting in the locality of Aipe (270 km south of Bogotá), the government affirmed on 21 March. “We can confirm the death of alias Jerónimo Galeano, the guerrilla closest to and most trusted by Cano, and we’re advancing, getting closer to Cano; we’re closing the siege around him, and he’ll be the next to be captured or killed,” Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera told reporters. Galeano – whose original name was Arquímedes Muñoz – was one of the “high-value objectives” for government troops, and his death “means that the FARC loses one of its strategic members,” the minister said at a press conference in Bogotá. “He was not only a member of the FARC General Staff – which comes next after the Secretariat (the FARC central command) in the hierarchy – but also the head of one of the guerrilla group’s seven joint commands,” he added. “He was in charge of extortion in the departments of Huila and Tolima,” he specified. The slain 57-year-old rebel belonged to the FARC for the last thirty-eight years. The Colombian Public Prosecutor’s Office issued more than a score of arrest warrants for him, on charges of theft, kidnapping, homicide, personal injury, and terrorism. Colombian military intelligence also accused him of having planned numerous armed attacks on police stations in Tolima (in central Colombia) and Huila (in the southwest) and of having ordered private vehicles to be stopped on the highways of that region in order to kidnap their occupants and ask for ransom in exchange for their release. The operation was successful in the wake of information supplied by a demobilized guerrilla and an operation to infiltrate rebel ranks that lasted six days, he said. The fighting took place in a mountainous region of Huila, on the morning of 20 March. President Juan Manuel Santos affirmed on Twitter that this event proves that his administration has not let down its guard in the fight against illegal armed groups. Military personnel also killed two other noted guerrillas, including a woman, and seized weapons and explosives in Aipe, according to the official account. One soldier died in the operation, Rivera specified. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Colombia’s largest guerrilla group with between 9,000 and 11,000 fighters, has intensified its attacks in several localities in recent weeks, according to the authorities.last_img read more

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Barnegat Inlet Selected for Beneficial Use of Dredged Material

first_imgThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers solicited and received 95 proposals from across the country for beneficial use of dredged material pilot projects pursuant to Section 1122 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016.A team of subject matter experts evaluated the proposals and selected 10 projects for the program, including a proposal to beneficially use dredged material from the Barnegat Inlet navigation channel in Ocean County, N.J.Barnegat Inlet is one of the most dangerous inlets on the East Coast from a navigation standpoint. The District typically dredges the inlet twice a year with the USACE-owned dredge Currituck or Murden. However, a large amount of sediment remains shoaled in the state and federal navigation channels with limited funds and places to put the material.The District is currently working in partnership with the state of New Jersey on the pilot project, which will incorporate Regional Sediment Management and Engineering with Nature principles. The project is expected to be implemented as a one-time dredging and beneficial use placement effort providing environmental and economic benefits and reducing future channel maintenance.Section 1122 requires USACE to establish a pilot program to carry out 10 projects for the beneficial use of dredged material. Proposed projects included projects for the purposes of providing storm damage reduction; promoting public safety; protecting, restoring and creating aquatic ecosystems; promoting recreation; enhancing shorelines; civic improvement; and, other innovative uses and placement alternatives that produce public economic or environmental benefits.last_img read more

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10 Good Reasons to Change the Anti-Smacking Law – Reason #1 – Lisa & Erik

first_imgIn desperation, Erik and Lisa approached a public health nurse admitting they sometimes used a smack on their difficult and strong-willed young daughter. With no previous record with CYF, they ended up with their daughters in care and a police investigation. This great law-abiding loving family was traumatised! They were given a ‘critical’ rating – the same given if a child has cigarette burns or is raped or has broken bones. The Latta review made the family sound like an abusive troubled family that somehow got away with it. The review even said that one of the daughters was sexually abused and the parents were aware of it – a complete and utter lie.After 4 years and the intervention of the Privacy Commissioner, CYF finally accepted and entered into permanent record a staggering two and a half pages of corrections on their file. Erik and Lisa are still fighting to have incorrect facts about their family in the Latta Review corrected.WATCH this short clip and make your own judgement.    “We went to hell and back because we tried to use the system.” Lisa (Mother)“The only abuse that’s happened to our kids is this .” Erik (Father)WHAT CAN YOU DO? At the very least, find out which political parties will fix the law to protect good parents. CLICK HERE (question 28)It’s the evidence that politicians and the media don’t want you to see. It’s the evidence John Key asked for – but won’t watch. To see ALL the evidence, go to our updated and new look website . You can view the full documentaries “Mum on a Mission” (2014) and “My Mummy’s A Criminal” (2011).It’s time we held the politicians to account on a failed law which is doing more harm than good. It’s time the politicians listened to YOU!last_img read more

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Get your Life. After. Work starting Friday, May 11th

first_imgThe countdown is on to the L.A.W, aka, Life After Work.The experience will kick off this Mother’s Day Weekend at Central Broward Regional Park and continue every weekend after. Admission is free for the LAW experience, which you can soak up with your friends while indulging in good food and drinks.For more information about L.A.W. – Life After Work, contact 305-623-5078 or log on to The event is powered by Infinite Power Marketing, South Florida Caribbean News, Caribbean National Weekly and Caribcast.last_img read more

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Snapchat, Nuggets warn Michael Porter Jr. after he spread coronavirus conspiracy

first_img“Personally, I think the coronavirus is being used obviously for a bigger agenda,” Porter said. “It’s being used for population control in just terms of being able to control the masses of people. I mean, because of the virus the whole world is being controlled. You’re required to wear masks. And who knows what will happen when this vaccine comes out? You might have to have the vaccine in order to travel. Like, that would be crazy.”NBA RESTART: Schedule | Playoff Bracket | Bubble, explainedMichael Porter Jr going off on coronavirus 😬— The NBA Hustle➐ (@TheNBAHustle) July 28, 2020Porter Jr. was called out on Twitter once his comments were made public, but his own team wanted to talk with him as well. Nuggets president of basketball operations Tim Connelly spoke with Porter, Nuggets coach Michael Malone said.While Malone said he wouldn’t “muzzle” Porter or any player who speaks their mind, he did say people should be aware of what comes out of their mouth.”Obviously, I’m not the thought police,” Malone said on Zoom call, per ESPN. “I’m not going to tell any of our players what they can and can’t say. All I would say is just be sensitive to the current situation in our country and throughout the world in regards to coronavirus. Michael Porter and any other player on our roster, they’re entitled to their opinions and ability to have free speech, and I will respect that as long as it doesn’t become a distraction. What Michael stated, being around our players this morning at breakfast and practice, has not become a distraction at all.”Malone went on to say that Connelly and Porter came to an understanding.”I know that Tim Connelly, our front office, has talked to Michael about his comments long before I realized what was said,” Malone said. “So it has been [discussed with] him; he understands the situation. Once again, we as an organization, I’m not going to put a muzzle on anybody. If somebody has a strong belief on something, they have the platform and freedom to use that. We will just try to educate guys so that they understand the impact of what they may be saying.”Snapchat also responded to Porter by putting him in “time out” for violating their community guidelines. (Snapchat) commissioner Adam Silver also commented on Porter’s comments during an interview with CNN.Adam Silver responds to Michael Porter Jr’s comments on Coronavirus being used for population control. (via CNN)— Legion Hoops (@LegionHoops) July 30, 2020″It’s unfortunate that he said that,” Silver said. “I would only say in our league, we have 450 players, guys are young. They’re occasionally going to say silly things. I think most people quickly dismissed that comment.”center_img Michael Porter Jr. received backlash on social media after inaccurate comments he made on Snapchat about the coronavirus.The Nuggets forward was participating in a fan Q&A when he was asked, “Bro speak on this coronavirus being over blown to scare people into being controlled & you know about all that.” Porter responded by saying, “that’s facts” and continued to elaborate on his conspiracy.last_img read more

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