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New Cinderella Star Keke Palmer Gets All Glammed Up

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 4, 2015 View Comments Related Shows Cinderella Keke Palmer is moving to the Cinderella kingdom! The small screen star and talk show host will show off some seriously gorgeous Tony-winning costumes by William Ivey Long beginning September 9, but before she takes on the role of Ella in the new production, she’s looking glam in the pages of Vanity Fair! “I still don’t believe it’s real,” she said of her new Broadway gig. “Seeing that many people in the audience…that’s what excites [me] and gets me pumped.” We’re pumped too, Keke! Check out her beautiful summer look in this photo by Claiborne Swanson Frank, then see her step into Cinderella’s glass slippers this fall.last_img read more

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Plans mapped out for new health center

first_imgThe plans for USC’s new health center are nearing the final stages, with space allotted for more exam rooms, offices and a separate clinic for faculty and staff.Plans for a new health center have been underway for the last 10 years. The growth in the size of the university and in the number of students visiting the health center called for a larger facility to cope with growing number of patients, Dr. Lawrence Neinstein, director of the University Park Health Center, said.The new health center will offer enough examination rooms and waiting areas to give students more privacy. There will also be more counseling offices.“Our [current] facility is too small for the volume, which has increased from 35,000 individual visits in 1995 to over 90,000 this past year,” Neinstein wrote in an e-mail.Offices that had to be moved out of the current building will be included in the new center.Neinstein said that the new health center will bring together services that had been previously spread across campus, such as counseling, insurance and potentially physical therapy. There will likely be space for Health Promotion and Prevention Services in the center, as well, Neinstein said.“It will place most of our services in one location,” Neinstein said. “The flow should be much better, [which will] decrease waiting time.”Technologies in the new center will also be more advanced. Students will be able to check in, make appointments electronically, and obtain health records and labs electronically.The new center, which will be a minimum of three stories above ground, will stand in front of Parking Structure B on the empty lot near the back of the Lyon Center.There are three stages in the construction of new buildings on campus. Stage One consists of the initial drawings and planning of locations and space.According to Neinstein, this stage was completed three years ago, but the project was put on hold due to the economy and the halt of construction on campus.The new center is currently in between Stage One and Stage Two, which is the final plan and obtaining permits. Stage three is construction of the building.“We know that President Nikias is very supportive of the new facility and so we are hopeful this will move forward in the near future,” Neinstein said.Construction will begin nine to 12 months after Stage Two is completed.“We would hope this will provide a facility that is much needed for students on a university that has become a residential university with so many students living on or right off campus,” Neinstein said.last_img read more

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SN Conversation: Brewers’ Jeremy Jeffress talks about epilepsy, rehab realizations and his dog

first_imgFor Jeffress, the road to the 2018 All-Star Game was a long one. He was suspended multiple times in the minor leagues. He’s dealt with terrifying epileptic episodes for a decade. He’s been traded three times and designated for assignment twice. MORE: Watch ‘ChangeUp,’ a new MLB live whiparound show on DAZNBut Jeffress has persevered, and now he’s thriving in Milwaukee. I met with Jeffress this spring and asked whether he’d be open to talking about his journey. He was more than happy to, and I really think you’ll appreciate his honest thoughts and insights.  Editor’s note: The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.SPORTING NEWS: First thing I want to talk about is your dog, Domino.JEREMY JEFFRESS: (laughs) Everybody wants to talk about Dom. He’s a good dude, man.SN: How’d you get him?JEFFRESS: I got him last year in my hometown, in Virginia. Well, offseason of 2017, in November. I bought a house and was looking for dog, a protector. My cousin, he’s huge into dogs, and he was like, “I have this great dog that would be good for kids. Good for you. He loves people.” Came down and saw him and that was it. SN: What kind is he?  JEFFRESS: He’s a pocket bullie. He’s an American bulldog and an American pit bull mix. So he looks like a pit bull, but he’s a bulldog — mind, body and all that. SN: What’s he done for you? JEFFRESS: There was another reason why I actually did get him. There’s a lot of off-the-field stuff that goes into play with me and baseball and a lot of stuff. Some days, you know, guys want to enjoy themselves, guys want to enjoy their life. And so I kind of use him as, you know, you can’t go anywhere. You know, when you’ve got kids, you can’t do much. You know what I’m saying? SN: I have a 6-month old baby girl. I know exactly what you’re talking about. JEFFRESS: Right? So now I had Domino, so I had to make sure he’s taken care of. I’d have to attend to someone else when I got home. It’s not just free time, open mind, all that stuff. So once I left the ballpark, I had to go directly home to Domino, see what he’s doing, that he’s taken care of and all that stuff. So he just helped me stay in tune with my life, you know what I’m saying? SN: That’s important, isn’t it? JEFFRESS: It definitely, definitely is. That downtime is where guys get in a lot of trouble. I asked Craig Counsell, “Hey, I got a dog this year, can I bring him on the plane back to Milwaukee?” I told him the reason why and all that stuff, and he actually liked it. So they allowed me to, and you can tell by the season I had last year that he did help me out a lot. And everybody loves him. He’s just a great dog.SN: What is it about you and Milwaukee? You’ve always played so well with the Brewers. JEFFRESS: Right? That city … I mean, first of all, they drafted me. And ever since Day 1, they’ve protected me. They protected me with my arm and protected me making sure that I’m ready to go. Because I was the type of guy who threw hard and didn’t know where it was going. So they made sure that I was ready in all aspects, before I even broke camp with the team. I was drafted in 2006, and I didn’t break camp with the team until 2009. I was in extended spring all the way up until 2009. They made sure I was right. And once I got there, they welcomed me with open arms. Nobody was down-talking me, even with all the stuff I had in the minor leagues, the suspensions and all that stuff. They were still there, caring and making sure that I was being a great baseball player. SN: How did you use those down times, those step-backs? Because, clearly, you’re a different person now than you were then. JEFFRESS: Most definitely. It’s all about maturing, knowing who you really are, knowing it’s not just you that you’re affecting. You’re affecting a whole lot of people when you get in trouble, when you have success, when you do anything. You affect not only yourself, but a lot of people. And not saying those are life-changing effects on other people. But they’re seeing you’re being a better person, so let’s help out. You help yourself, other people will join on, right?So it was just all about me maturing, getting through those downtime times and making sure that I was ready to come to the park the next day to help out my teammates. Because if I got in trouble or anything like that, I wasn’t able to help them, and they might have really needed me that night or the next night or whatever the case may be. So those downtimes are very important to know who you are, know what type of person you are, knowing your addictions, knowing what you’d like to do, all that stuff. It’s just knowing yourself.SN: Was there a specific moment that you’re like, OK, I’ve gotta fix this? Or was it a gradual maturation process?JEFFRESS: I think it was gradual. But there have been times you just open your eyes. Open your eyes, for real. People are trying to help you and you’re just steady going backwards. Sooner or later they’re going to stop. Coming up through the minor leagues, I’ve been to two rehabs. When I went over to Texas, I went through one rehab, and those moments … I was there with lawyers, judges in one rehab. I’m talking about professional people, you know? They had money, had their lives taken care of, but they’re still dealing with depression or pills or crazy drugs. They’re way older than me? You know, I could still be a successful guy in my sport, but as a human being, how am I going to be? I’m sitting across the room looking at these people, these judges and lawyers, and I don’t want to be like that. So every time I went into a rehab place, it opened my eyes, looking at someone else across the room dealing with the same thing, still in that point in their life. And I didn’t want to be like that. MORE CONVERSATIONS: Walker Buehler | Amir Garrett | Dansby SwansonSN: Do you still think you’re a work in progress? JEFFRESS: Yeah. Every, every, every day I wake up, I try to avoid moments. I’ll try to avoid a lot of stuff that would put me back into the past, back to the same person that I was. I’m just trying to be who I really am, instead of turning into a fake person. That’s the biggest key to make yourself successful in life. Don’t be a fake person each and every day you come here. Just be who you are, the same guy. Don’t change for nobody. People have their own opinions and judgments about other people, but you’re your own guy. You’re your own man. SN: And you have to deal with epilepsy, too? I don’t know a lot about that. What’s that like? JEFFRESS: I’ve been dealing with everything, all this stuff in my life. SN: I don’t mean to keep bringing up bad things, I promise. JEFFRESS: Oh, I know. All this stuff I’ve dealt with in my life, I don’t regret it at all. I don’t regret it at all. The epilepsy thing, it’s a disease that I have. I’ve got to understand that I have it, you know? There’s nothing that I can do to get it to go away. All I can do is maintain it. I battle with it each and every morning. On my drive here every morning, I’m thinking that I’m going to have a seizure, but I can’t not come to work, right? … So I come in, and once I get to this clubhouse, my mind is free. I don’t think I’m gonna have a seizure. I don’t think nothing about it. I’ve got to get past it. That’s all I think about each and every day. As long as I stay there, I’ll kind of prevent myself from having seizures, I’ll come in being Jeremy Jeffress, and I’ll help out as much as I can, do my job. Like I said, with the seizure thing, it’s just something that I’ve got to keep looking past. It’s there, but I just gotta keep looking past them. SN: When did the seizures start? And how often do they happen? JEFFRESS: When I was 15, I had a real bad head injury, but it didn’t start then. From when I was 15 all the way to 2008, about six years, I didn’t have anything. No symptoms, no diagnoses of concussions or anything. Nothing. Then one offseason, in 2008 here in Phoenix, I had my first one. It was like 7 in the morning. I had a dog then, and had to wake up because he was crying in his cage, had to use the bathroom. Woke up, and that was my first seizure. My mom didn’t know what to do, nobody knew what to do. It was terrifying. No one knew what it was, and they kept happening maybe a couple of months apart. They kept happening.The next season, I went on to Buffalo, New York, and I went to plenty of doctors. They still didn’t know. They thought it was all types of epilepsies and seizures, they didn’t just didn’t know, at all. I was on so many medications. It was ridiculous. My weight was fluctuating all up and down. It was crazy. I took an MRI on one day in 2014 and they figured out that it was juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. They were saying your sleep has to be right. You can’t just wake up in the morning and try to move. You can’t do that because your brain is not quick enough for your body. The nerves and all this stuff is not connecting with your body, and that’s what stops the nerves and my body shuts down. It only happens in the mornings. I only have seizures in the mornings. Don’t have them during the day, at night when I’m asleep I don’t have them at all. SN: Just when your brain is kicking into gear. JEFFRESS: Right. I did a sleep study at one point. They said in my REM cycles — you know, where you hit 1, 2, 3, 4 and you’re going to sleep and you wake up at 4, 3, 2, 1 — I skip 2 and 3. I go from 1 to deep sleep, and when I wake up, from 4 to wake up. Literally every day. Every day. I can’t do nothing about it. That’s how I wake up.SN: That’s crazy. JEFFRESS: And once I do that, I can’t just wake up and get out of bed and start going, because my brain has not woken up yet. It hasn’t gone through REM cycle 3, REM cycle 2, then 1. It just skips those two and I’m awake. SN: Do you have a routine in the morning to deal with that? JEFFRESS: Yeah. I wake up an hour early before I leave the house, and some days I’m still like, s—, I’ve got to wait. This is what it is. I’m dealing with it. Whatever. I want to be a normal person, but I’ll just be who I am. SN: I hear you’re talking about doing a food truck? Tell me about that.  JEFFRESS: It was an idea I had when I was a kid. There was a little small fish-fry place in my hometown (South Boston, Va). They started out in a home, and they were literally supplying the whole neighborhood, the whole town. And he was only open on weekends, like Thursday to Sunday. And from Thursday to Sunday there was a line from his house, cars parked everywhere. Especially on Sundays, after church. I loved the food. I was like, “Man, one day we’re going to start our own place, when we get the money. So last offseason, I went to him and was like, “Listen, how much is a food truck?” And he said it depended on what you want in it. You can start off with an empty truck for about 20 grand, then you go from there, with the price going up, putting whatever you want inside the truck. So we figured all that stuff out and got it going. SN: That’s awesome. What’s it called? JEFFRESS: JJ’s Bread and Butter. And some of the proceeds are going to go toward epilepsy, some of the hospitals, to help people get those surgeries, those cat scans, those MRIs that they can’t afford. And as we go forward, we’ll do more foundational stuff. I’m working my own foundation now, named after my daughter, Jurnee. It’s just supporting epilepsy, kids who can’t get those surgeries, that they can’t afford, the cat scans and MRIs. It’s freaking $700, you know? That’s a lot of money. That’s what it’s going to go. Jeremy Jeffress was simply brilliant in 2018. In his Age 30 season, the right-handed reliever made his first All-Star appearance, compiled a 1.29 ERA and struck out 10.4 batters per nine in 73 appearances for the NL Central-winning Brewers. Jeffress dealt with shoulder issues this spring, but made his 2019 debut on Wednesday and struck out the first (and only) batter he faced. last_img read more

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Garcia, Harvey shine on opening day

first_imgFERNDALE >> Trainer Margie Cantrell doesn’t claim to be a boxer, but the highly-respected trainer will pack a solid one-two punch in today’s $7,800 Rick Sousa Purse feature at the Humboldt County Fair.Cantrell will send out Gabe’s Pride and Weyand, both fresh from game sprint scores, in the Sousa headliner, which lured a very competitive cast of eight speedsters.Named for one of Ferndale’s favorite citizens, the Rich Sousa Purse is carded as the sixth race on an eight-race program and run at …last_img read more

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Evan Longoria exits early in Giants’ first win of 2019

first_imgSAN DIEGO–There’s fear and there’s fearlessness and in the Giants’ first win of the 2019 season on Saturday, the club experienced both.After keeping the line moving with an RBI single in the top of the sixth, third baseman Evan Longoria exited the game with a calf injury. The Giants didn’t need any more help from Longoria in their 3-2 win over the Padres, but they did receive a scare when their hottest hitter needed to depart Saturday’s game ahead of schedule.Manager Bruce Bochy said Longoria …last_img read more

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Fake Facebook Profiles Are Spreading Spyware

first_imgAccording to statements made by Facebook spokesman Simon Axten to CNet, the link was reportedly blacklisted by web browsers and Facebook was blocking the URL. Interestingly, Axten disagreed with Thompson’s assertion that the profiles were automated and the Captchas had been conpromised.“We’re looking into how these accounts were created, but it’s very likely that the sign-up process was manual or that the person behind the attack farmed out the Captchas to be solved by humans for a price,” he said.Facebook is working to shut down the profiles. Users are cautioned to keep their distance from any profile containing the image of the woman shown above. jolie odell Tags:#Facebook#web Today, AVG, makers of antivirus program LinkScanner, noticed a disturbing rash of nearly identical Facebook profiles aimed at infecting users’ computers with spyware.AVG’s research chief Roger Thompson said that LinkScanner users had reported “rogue spyware attacks” from a large number of these profiles. He postulated that the fake profiles were created automatically, which would indicate that someone, somehow has figured out a way around the ReCaptchas used to protect Facebook from bot-created content.“I’m sure Facebook will deactivate all these accounts as quickly as they find them, but it can’t be an easy thing for them to find.” he wrote.Here are a few screenshots Thompson posted. Please note that all the fake profiles he reported showed the same main image: A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Related Posts last_img read more

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7 Sales Management Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

first_imgMissed your number? Struggling? Here are seven sales management mistakes. It’s likely that a combination of a few of these are what ails you.Not building a hunter’s culture. If you are a sales leader, you need to create a healthy culture. That healthy culture needs to celebrate prospecting and opportunity acquisition. It needs to reject order-taking behaviors. You aren’t going to make a difference for people if they don’t know who you are and how you create value. You need more opportunities.Not inspecting activity at all. You need to measure outcomes. But that doesn’t mean that there is no place for managing activity. Too many sales managers have decided that the long sales cycle, complex sale doesn’t require any measurement of activity. You need more activity.Not helping your salespeople improve the value they create. Your salespeople don’t come to you with everything they need to succeed. You can’t pretend they do. They need to learn to create greater value, meaning they need more business acumen and situational knowledge. Without it, they will not reach the level of success of which they are capable. You need to create more value.Not spending time in the field with your reps. I get it. We’re all spread out. We use GoToMeeting. You will never know how to help develop your salespeople if you don’t go and see for yourself how they do with prospects and clients. You need to see for yourself.Not selling the value of the sales process. Your sales process isn’t perfect. But it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye. Your salespeople skip whole stages of your sales process, and by doing so they don’t create value for your prospects or gain the commitments they need. You need to sell them on the process. Then you need to coach to the process. You need to follow the process.Spending too much time serving the organization. The organization you serve prevents you from doing the one thing that will serve them more than anything else: spending time with your sales force. If you have to make a trade off, trade time with your people for time in meetings and on conference calls. No one will miss you if you tell them you need to miss a call because you and your rep are in front of your dream client. You need to spend time with your team.Not providing enough air cover. Your company is going to make some serious blunders in the name of better sales results. If you don’t provide your sales force with air cover by arguing against bad ideas–killing as many as you can–then you are missing a crucial component of your job. You need to protect your team. But once a decision is made, you march with no complaining. You need to protect your team.Maybe these questions will help you build an action plan.QuestionsWhat is keeping you from having more success with your team?Which of the above list are you guilty of? On which are you completely clean?Which two or three of these, if corrected, would likely get you back on track? Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

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Mumbai pub fire: It took over 6 hours to control the blaze


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HI and IHF merger a big possibility

first_imgThe sports ministry’s proposal for merger of the two rival hockey federations is an offer that neither can refuse.IHF president RK Shetty with HI secretary Narinder Batra.With both Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) embroiled in a legal battle, sports minister Ajay Maken’s proposal to expand the former’s executive board to accommodate members of the rival body seems a move to placate both bodies.As a result, neither federation can afford to reject it outright.”It is an honest effort and a good initiative by the government,” Hockey India secretary general Narinder Batra told Mail Today on Monday, a day before the two federations have to submit their responses with the ministry.Batra does not see much wrong with what the ministry is proposing.”We have no objections to it and our response will be on the lines of the proposals forwarded by the sports minister. We have had discussions among ourselves and have also talked with people in the IHF as well,” he said.Batra said Hockey India was willing to do its bit for the game. “It is a positive development and we are ready for whatever is good for the game.” IHF president RK Shetty was not so forthcoming on the matter, but indicated that the move was a step in the right direction.”We also want a single body for hockey in India. It is a new step by the government and needs co-operation from all three sides for the best results,” Shetty told MAIL TODAY.advertisement”We are discussing the matter, but the proposal is demanding a lot from us, without promising much in return. Even the name of our federation will be taken away.”I can’t say much before we actually submit our response. It will not be a decision taken solely by me. All my colleagues will have to be consulted,” he added.The ministry has given only three days for the two federations to respond and the hurry may be necessitated to show the Supreme Court that it is working to break the impasse.If its proposal is accepted, it can bask in the glory of engineering a solution.Otherwise, it can report to the court that one (or both) federations played spoilsport. By mooting the proposal, the ministry has lobbed the ball back in the court of the two warring bodies.last_img read more

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Real Madrid stuns Bayern Munich 4-0, storms into Champions League final

first_imgReal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, left, congratulates Real’s Sergio Ramos who scored the opening goal during the Champions League semifinal second leg soccer match against Bayern Munich. APSergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals apiece as Real Madrid advanced to the Champions League final by stunning title holder Bayern Munich 4-0 on Tuesday.Madrid completed a 5-0 aggregate victory and will now play either Chelsea or Atletico Madrid in the May 24 final in Lisbon. Bayern’s slumped to its worst home defeat in the competition, and equaled its heaviest loss overall – 4-0 away to Barcelona in 2009.Madrid had never won in Munich in 10 previous matches, losing nine of them. But this time, Carlo Ancelotti’s team put its stamp on the game early and struck with awesome efficiency.Ramos headed home in the 16th and 20th minutes, and Ronaldo raised his tally to a competition record 16 goals for the season to take Madrid one win away from a record 10th title. Madrid is in its 13th final.Madrid had lost three consecutive semifinals, including a 2012 shootout when Ramos missed a penalty.It was a bitter defeat for Bayern coach Pep Guardiola, who had so much success against Madrid when he was in charge of Barcelona. Bayern was seeking to become the first team to defend the Champions League title.Madrid’s sweeping, fast counterattacks paced by Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Angel Di Maria, along with its tenacious tackling when Bayern tried to come out of the hosts’ own half, were a huge problem for Bayern’s defense but the first two goals came from set pieces, as well as the last.advertisementA corner by Luka Modric was met By Ramos, who headed down past Manuel Neuer, as Dante failed to challenge the Madrid defender.A minute later, Dante was booked for bringing down Ronaldo.The second goal came after Di Maria’s swinging free kick into the box. Pepe nodded the ball on and the diving Ramos headed into the net.Real’s third was a fast break that left the Bayern defense trailing far behind.Benzema fed Bale, who easily outpaced Jerome Boateng and passed to the unmarked Ronaldo, who calmly slotted home in the 34th. Ronaldo then fired a low free kick through the wall in the 89th to complete Madrid’s superb performance.Bayern nerves frayed after the first three goals and the match threatened to get out of hand. Star winger Franck Ribery failed to make an impact and was substituted in the second half. Striker Mario Mandzukic was involved in several incidents and did not come out for the second half.Ronaldo and Bale both missed an empty net when Neuer twice mistimed clearing attempts far outside the penalty box. Ronaldo saw another effort sail wide, although he might have done better by passing to Benzema.The match lost intensity in the second half as Madrid protected its lead while the demoralized Bayern kept possession but rarely threatened.A minute of silence was held before kickoff in memory of former Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova and Vujadin Boskov, a former Serbian coach of Real Madrid. Both died last week.last_img read more

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