signed a cooperation project on water sports

7 19, the State Sports General Administration of water sports center and the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Xining. The two sides will establish the depth of cooperation mode, the water will limit the project attribute and culture and sports in our province rich and unique combination of resources, and comprehensively promote the water movement in the limit and popularity of the promotion in the province, and continuously meet the people’s growing demand for sports.

, the State Sports General Administration of water sports management center will use its own resources and seven items of association of Provincial Sports Bureau to carry out in-depth cooperation, the two sides to sports events and altitude training as the starting point, with the help of landscape resources, rich topography and other advantages of our province’s sports communication activities together to create high-end, promote the development of sports the industry of sports tourism products, the. The two sides will work together to build the limit of the activities through the Qinghai, according to different terrain and geographical features, tailored sports events products.

events as a platform to promote the prosperity and development of sports culture industry, through professional and technical training, the establishment of relevant sports standard system as the starting point, realize the great development of extreme sports and sports in Qinghai, from the characteristics of sports development to the sports tourism, carried out extensive and in-depth strategic interaction. The State Sports General Administration of water sports management center will give full play to the "national training base of Yushu plateau drift" function, help the Provincial Sports Bureau cultivate water sports talents, the establishment of water sports sports system and personnel training system, to promote the brand competition activities.

in recent years, the Provincial Sports Bureau ", the main water ecological brand, successfully held the international crossing the the Yellow River extreme challenge," walk the Chinese water tower "international walking activities brand competition activities, play a special function of Qinghai ecological sports, national sports, sports features, realize the organic combination of outdoor sports and the green mountains and rivers of the plateau. At present, our province Yushu city has been China Extreme Sports Association named the "national drifting plateau training base, Jianzha water sports base has been identified as the national water on the plateau training base, Qinghai Lake national sports industry base has been identified as the national sports industry demonstration base.


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