The 2012 earthquake in Guangdong Province will be held in Xining

May 24th, Qinghai 2012 earthquake trend chamber of Commerce held in Xining

5 24, 2009, Qinghai earthquake in mid – will be held in Xining chamber of commerce. The meeting was chaired by the Provincial Seismological Bureau forecast center director Ma Yuhu, deputy director of Ha Hui attended and made an important speech. The province (state, city) and the Provincial Bureau of personnel monitoring and forecasting analysis and prediction center with a total of 30 people attended the meeting.


meeting invited Yuan Daoyang, deputy director of the Seismological Bureau of Gansu Province, to do a special report entitled "the northern part of the Qinghai Tibet block strong earthquake tectonic background and the prediction of large earthquake risk areas". At the same time, the Sichuan Seismological Bureau, Seismological Bureau of Gansu, Ningxia Seismological Bureau experts on the prediction of neighboring provinces of the earthquake situation and the first half of the earthquake were informed. I am on the Xining Municipal Bureau of earthquake prediction and earthquake precursors, macro data analysis report. Provincial Seismological Bureau forecast center on the earthquake activity in our province, precursory anomaly tracking a comprehensive analysis of the statement. The meeting of experts in the discussion of the country, Qinghai and adjacent areas of current and future a period of the tendency of earthquake, the formation of "the second half of 2012, Qinghai Province earthquake tendency conference".

finally, deputy director Ha Hui fully combined with the current situation of earthquake in Qinghai and facing the work of earthquake monitoring and prediction of the new situation and new requirements, put forward specific demands on three aspects of monitoring and prediction work:

one is to strengthen leadership, pay attention to the analysis and forecast, joint consultation, strengthen the follow-up judgments.

two is to effectively play the functions and mechanism of earthquake department, improve the quality of tracking short impending earthquake.

three is to strengthen the investigation and verification of anomalies, carefully study the relationship between abnormal information and earthquakes.



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