Xining black smoke phenomenon will be severely punished severely

recently, according to the actual situation of air pollution in winter in Xining is still quite grim, Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau from October 15, 2009 to April 15, 2010 to carry out a comprehensive work special inspection of winter smoke pollution, efforts to create a good living environment.

the inspection on the completion of the soot pollution control units are not required to comply with the location of the environmental protection departments to carry out the transformation of coal-fired boilers, and to ensure the reduction and elimination of soot pollution. Within the scope of the city after the boiler smoke and dust governance transformation of the units used in the heating period before the start, and deal with the boiler dust removal equipment overhaul and maintenance, to ensure the boiler dust removal facilities are put into use.

The city of

coal-fired boiler unit put into use before the necessary training and education to the operator, make it according to the procedure standard operation, to ensure the normal operation of dust removal facilities, pollutant discharge standards to achieve stability. The coal-fired boiler unit should use low sulfur high-quality coal, prohibit the use of poor quality, high sulfur coal, to prevent the occurrence of serious pollution of the surrounding environment of the phenomenon. It is necessary to strengthen the management of the boiler room and the coal yard, so as to standardize the piling up, to clean the slag in time, and to prevent the two dust pollution.

in order to maintain good air environment quality in Xining is the common needs of the whole society, but also the use of coal-fired facilities should be a social responsibility. In the heating period, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will organize law enforcement officers to carry out regular inspections, found not to fulfill the requirements of responsibility, marked "boiler smoke, soot emissions exceed the standard phenomenon of the use of units, once verified, will be based on the" People’s Republic of China air pollution prevention and control law "and other relevant laws and regulations, and severely and strictly punished.


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