Seize the opportunity reform and innovation to achieve the rapid development of Vocational Educatio

The basic situation of Vocational Education in Xining

the basic situation of Vocational Education in Xining

Xining city medium occupation existing 8 technical schools, a total area of 445 thousand and 900 square meters, construction area of 232 thousand and 100 square meters, 689 million 150 thousand yuan in fixed assets, training equipment worth 113 million 810 thousand yuan, a total of 21605 students, 1054 faculty members, 649 full-time teachers, "Double Teachers" accounted for 44.5%. The number of students who receive vocational education in all kinds of Vocational and technical schools in the city accounts for 34.1% of the total number of students in high school. The rate of obtaining evidence and the employment rate are all above 95%. Professional settings include agriculture, information technology, business, medicine and health, bio engineering, transportation, civil engineering, manufacturing, petroleum chemical industry, tourism services, education, energy and new energy, health care and other leisure thirteenth specialty, nearly 50 professional direction.

two, in recent years, the main achievements of vocational education

in recent years, is a leap forward development period of our city occupation education, the municipal government for the occupation education development, in terms of policy funds have done a lot of work, seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of occupation education, and made remarkable achievements, making our city occupation education foundation to continuously enhance, the scale is expanding rapidly. Professional basic system, constantly improve the quality of employment, "Double Teachers" proportion of significant growth, mainly reflected in: is a government at all levels continue to strengthen co-ordination. municipal government attaches great importance to the work of secondary occupation education development in our city, formulated the "opinions" on promoting the city’s occupation education reform and development, the occupation education into the overall planning for economic and social development, provide organizational guarantee for the development of occupation education. In order to promote the Xining City, a district four garden construction, municipal government to provide vocational school graduates of enterprises in the park to give tax breaks and other policy support, the ability to absorb the park vocational school graduates greatly enhanced, medium occupation school stage of professional employment in the province by early 11th Five-Year 20% increase to more than 50%, a strong impetus to the development of our city occupation education. two is actively striving for national development and reform demonstration school. through integration, expansion, optimization and upgrade ", Xining City, the first occupation technical school since moving into the new site, actively carry out follow-up construction, enhance the connotation of development, the integration of internal resources, through the joint efforts, in 2011 August, following the Xining century occupation technical school after the Ministry of education was identified as the national reform and development demonstration school construction unit, Xining Datong occupation school passed the final assessment of the provincial education department, was named the provincial key occupation school. Xining city health occupation technical school, Xining Huangzhong city occupation the school actively to improve school conditions, for the construction of campus culture, in April this year by the national Ministry of education as a national demonstration school reform and development project unit. three is based on the promotion of content, to promote the quality of the school, professional construction made new breakthroughs. in order to get rid of the vocational school professional settings and employment needs of enterprises is not close enough, the better;

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