Xining City the construction of punishment and prevention system was honored as an outstanding lead

Recently, the city of Xining in the 2012 year of the punishment and prevention system and clean and honest assessment, was named outstanding leadership, this is the Xining City tenth times by the responsible working party (the construction, construction of punishment and prevention system) as the leading group of outstanding leadership.It is reported that in 2012, the city of

, seriously implement the central and provincial government’s decision to deploy, and firmly establish the people-oriented concept of governing for the people around, "let the people live a happier life" theme, earnestly implement the responsibility system for the construction of a clean government, and promote the construction of punishing and preventing corruption, especially in promoting clean government culture the "six plus four" Xining mode of activities, the implementation of the county Party and government organizations "leaders" to perform a pair of "face reporting system, promote the rural collective funded the construction of supervision system, the implementation of the prevention and control of risk management pilot work, increase the responsibility of Party building.the special assessment work has made new significant results. (author: Jia Quanjun office room)


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