Xining Public Security Bureau to solve the outstanding problems of public security team

Xining City Public Security Bureau decided from now on, the use of a month’s time, in the city’s public security organs to carry out special rectification actions to regulate law enforcement behavior, to solve the outstanding problems of the police team. This is the reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a meeting on April 9th to understand.

in recent years, the city’s public security organs at all levels to adhere to the political construction of the police, the police, police strictly according to the guidelines, police air police discipline further improved, the service concept and law enforcement level to further improve people’s sense of security and the public security work satisfaction rate increased year by year. However, some grassroots public security organs and the public security organs of law and discipline violations, illegal handling, omission, chaos and other issues such as law enforcement has been raised, to a certain extent, affected the overall image of the city’s public security organs. Outstanding performance in the team management lax lax, individual leaders perform their duties are not in place; the subject of law enforcement is not standardized, part of the police personnel involved in law enforcement; law enforcement concept there is a deviation, pass saize phenomenon still exists, for citizens to apply for permits, licenses, procedures and so on, is not a one-time inform, indifference, let the masses "boduantui, frayed mouth" there, do not do, deliberately delayed the phenomenon to a certain extent; in the process of injury cases, individual police in violation of the provisions, will constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of the injury cases for mediation, suspects escape sanctions and punishment, the victim’s legitimate rights and interests are not protected by law. Petition cases, affect the harmony and stability of the overall social order; law enforcement and management of serious lack of security mess, not to have Effect of radical, within the jurisdiction of "pornography" ugly phenomenon repeated law enforcement; the simple and crude, the objective existence of dereliction of duty. In addition, the lax supervision of individual regulatory venues, loopholes, inspection system useless, monitoring facilities have become deaf ears, resulting in the occurrence of non normal deaths of detainees.

for the outstanding problems of the existence, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will take resolute measures to resolutely curb the violations of law and discipline problems, and promote the city’s public security organs strict, fair and civilized norms of law enforcement.


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