Water group mass line first polished window

in the party’s mass line of educational practice, as a window unit, Xining water (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the water group) will start to set up a good image, listen to the opinions of the masses, improve service consciousness is not strong, welcome the masses blunt tone, inattentiveness, meter reading and charging, do repair and maintenance service for the masses of all aspects of work, efforts in the mass work step.

in recent years, Xining water (Group) Co., Ltd. the value orientation of "unity and harmonious development", the ability of water supply construction and water security effect, build spiritual civilization and constantly improve the level of foreign service, enterprise reform is advancing, the comprehensive strength has been further enhanced. But still with the municipal Party committee and the requirements of the masses has some gap in the party’s mass line of educational practice, the company party found the question: there is not strong sense of service in the water supply service, poor work attitude, welcome the masses blunt tone, careless and arrogant, door hard, face the ugly, ugly, difficult to deal with such people are not satisfied with the problems. By carrying out the party’s mass line of educational practice, the company will be the style of the disadvantages, the behavior to a large scale investigation and clean-up, effectively solve the problem of the masses strongly, make people honest and pragmatic pursuit of value deeply rooted in the masses of Party members and cadres thought and action.

water supply enterprises as a window unit is the most direct contact with the people, their service attitude is good? Is not in the continuous upgrading of the service image of the industry? The masses have the right to speak. The group will focus on the water supply through the masses to mention, to find their own superiors, and mutual help, seriously investigate and issue of party spirit analysis and self analysis, criticism and self-criticism. Actively open remonstrance, invited the old comrades, social user representatives, take the convening of the forum, individual interviews, on-site comments and other forms, listen to opinions, humbly accept criticism, contact the actual work, in-depth investigation and study, to lay a good foundation for carrying out reconciliation good follow-up link practical problems. Through educational practice, water group will further enhance the service of the people, safety and high quality water supply to the sense of responsibility and mission, to change the style of work to enhance the effectiveness of educational practice, reflected in the water supply better service for the masses of the people, make people more satisfied for water services.


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