After 90 professional enrichment make money easily by voice

recently "Nirvana in Fire", "cloud song" network novel adaptation of the TV series hot, many people think that Internet writer is a good occupation, actually rely on sound can become rich.

The name

"astringent GA cat" discussed in various Baidu Post Bar there has always been a mystery of existence, from "Meng Lolita sound" to "naughty teenage boy sound" and "charming mature female voice", makes fans obsessed.

in CCTV hit drama "Chinese animation Ling baby", a cat who played in Shibuya 11 roles, and by virtue of the superior performance, access network selection in 2013 annual "I love anime voice actor" title. The voice of the income from 50 yuan rose to 200 yuan a minute or 200 yuan a minute, a word, a monthly income of ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan is very unusual.

intelligent beauty in love with voice actors

Although the culture of


2010 one day, a friend suddenly to do over acerbity GA cat said: "you sound so good condition, try the voice?" so she was introduced to a special animation and game companies to do part-time.

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