Hebei and other more than and 10 provinces paid vacation formally introduced

paid vacation has been widely mentioned in life, but it has not been put into practice. This time, Hebei and other more than and 10 provinces and autonomous regions paid vacation was formally introduced, then the salary vacation in the end is what kind of? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

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reports, easy to holiday at home you can still get wages and subsidies, which is paid vacation. Paid leave is the right of every employee. For many people, however, paid vacation can only be a dream, it is difficult to shine into reality.

recently released the national human rights action plan implementation assessment report shows that last year, more than 50% of employees enjoy paid annual leave. Currently, there are more than and 10 provinces introduced the implementation of paid vacation rules, in some areas to encourage enterprises to issue travel vouchers, etc..

In fact,

paid vacation as a statutory system, as early as 1994 was written in the labor law; in 2008 the implementation of the workers paid leave regulations, and now it has passed 8 years. But for many people, paid leave is still a mirror in the water moon". A mention of the policy, why is always difficult to implement? How can the dream of paid vacation come into reality? How to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests?

I went to a summer vacation, many parents want to take advantage of this opportunity, with children family travel. But for Ms. Wang, Beijing, their plans to travel to Thailand, eventually bubble soup. No other reason, because she worked in the hospital, can not leave.

The word "

" paid vacation ", first appeared in 1994 of the" labor law "; 8 years ago, is the implementation of the 2008" workers paid annual leave regulations ", once again reiterated the basic legal rights and interests of the workers: a total staff over 1 years and less than 10 years, the annual leave 5 days; over 10 years and less than 20 years, the annual leave 10 days; already full 20 years, 15 days annual leave. The number of days that the employee should take an annual leave of absence shall be paid in accordance with the annual wage income of 300% of the employee’s daily wage income.

now from the labor law the first mention of the concept of "paid vacation" has been in the past 22 years, but recently published the "national human rights action plan implementation assessment report" shows, according to a survey of human resources and social security in the 60 city of the country, in 2015 only half of workers, enjoy the paid vacation; also, still mainly concentrated in the party and government organs, institutions, large state-owned enterprises, etc..

for small and medium enterprises, especially private enterprises employees, paid leave four words, almost out of reach, and even some people fear because of a holiday, and lost his job. Shanxi doors and windows of a company employee Cheng Li worked six days a week is not recommended to work overtime

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