Shanghai to encourage scientific and technological personnel to retain the original business unit pe

science and technology is an important force for innovation, science and technology talent is an important resource to promote the development of innovation. Shanghai recently issued opinions to encourage researchers in the premise of not delay their own work, to the technology business part-time entrepreneurship.

10 25 July, Shanghai city and Social Council announced the "opinions" on the implementation of scientific research personnel and improve the city’s two-way flow shows that Shanghai will expand the scientific research personnel two-way flow mechanism, to further promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Next month, researchers does poineering work from those who meet the conditions in the incubation period the original units need to preserve the human relations.

support part-time researchers

to universities and research institutes are part-time personnel, universities and research institutes hired, the experience and qualifications of professional and technical positions in the enterprise employment, as colleges and universities research institutes evaluation the corresponding professional and technical positions and important conditions.

does poineering work from personnel retention

it is understood that the scientific research institutes and other institutions of higher learning, researchers, writing does poineering work from filing the application, the unit agreed, with research projects and results from entrepreneurship. In the incubation period (3-5) to retain the personnel relationship, the original suspension of the employment contract. Among them, if the original contract expires, the contract period continues to undergo business case disappeared. In the incubation period, universities and research institutes shall not release the personnel relations to undergo entrepreneurship by.

in the incubation period, the scientific research institutes and other institutions of higher learning, leaving entrepreneurs with the original unit staff in other equal professional rights and hire post rank promotion, and can not account for the proportion of the original unit structure of professional and technical posts. Return to the original unit work, if the proportion of the proportion of professional and technical positions have reached the upper limit, the original unit can temporarily break through the proportion of employment structure, in order to properly arrange back to the staff, and gradually digested within three years.

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