Jiaozuo introduced 27 entrepreneurial policies and measures to help create entrepreneurial city

the arrival of the new year, to continue to support more employment personnel to successfully carry out business, Jiaozuo city launched a new employment policy of "package", for entrepreneurs to send the first new year’s blessings.

new engine for the cultivation of entrepreneurship, innovation mass, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship to improve employment, at the beginning of the new year, "the implementation of the views of the Jiaozuo Municipal People’s Government on further improving the employment work under the new situation to accelerate the creation of entrepreneurial city" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") issued 27 policy measures from five aspects, bring multiple gospel for the majority of employment personnel, to help the city to create entrepreneurial city.

highlights: support business groups to expand the scope of

"opinions" pointed out that the support of college students (including graduate within 5 years of college, occupation school, technical school students and students, graduated 5 years of overseas returnees, the same below), veterans, migrant workers, laid-off workers and rural entrepreneurship support various groups, institutions of professional and technical staff undergo entrepreneurship, to encourage Small and micro businesses "two business", play a venture to promote employment multiplier effect, build a new engine for economic development.

"compared with the previous policy, the support group to expand the scope of. Business (business) subsidy object is the first venture, made within 2 years after graduation of university graduates to graduate within 5 years of college, occupation school, technical school students and students and graduate within 5 years of overseas returnees. Normal operation for more than 3 months, with the identity of entrepreneurs and business license, staff roster, wage payment vouchers and other information, apply for a one-time subsidy of $5000. During the period of receiving unemployment insurance funds for the unemployed to start their own businesses, with the industrial and commercial business license and other valid evidence, in accordance with the provisions of the procedures for the application of a one-time venture capital to receive 5000 yuan." Recently, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and Employment Promotion Office official said.

two highlights: funds to support outstanding entrepreneurial projects to increase the intensity of

"opinions" put forward, urban counties in the "Internet plus" of the ten major areas of strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, the annual selection of a number of outstanding start-ups give priority support. Every year the city from the selection of a number of entrepreneurial projects in the selection of municipal excellent projects, each project grants 10 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan. At the same time, actively organize the reporting of provincial excellent project selection, for provincial funding support. The college students’ entrepreneurial support funds to adjust to the public entrepreneurship support funds, increase the intensity of public entrepreneurship project funding.

"name from" business support funds for college students’ ‘mass’, that range from college to college students to expand outside groups, were recommended by

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