Understand the Star Trek dimension after you know how to start a business

there is no doubt that this is definitely one of the one in 2014 can not be missed. Christopher · Nolan wrote and directed the sci-fi blockbuster "star crossed" since November 12th since the release, once again set off the fans chasing burning brain science fiction craze. Watercress as high as 9.3 points so many people surprised.

"interstellar" by quantum physics world, trying to expand the audience to understand the dimensions of the world, three-dimensional world can be a good understanding of the two-dimensional world, and four-dimensional world in which we live, to see from the five point of view, time and space, these can not break through the barrier will become "controllable", though understanding of quantum physics of different dimensions were not "real" meaning of daily life, after all, we can’t go back to yesterday to buy a lottery jackpot today, but the environment on a higher dimension on the understanding that can effectively enhance our ability to solve the current difficulties of the different dimensions, and understanding in the dimensions of entrepreneurship it is a truth.

: Based on one-dimensional entrepreneurial interest to choose industry

in addition to choose according to the interests of various industries, information and resources pipeline and try to make their own more contact with the industry, understand the development prospects of the industry and future opportunities; at the same time, through professional associations and organizations and other organizations, to help assess how entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial potential, as soon as possible so that the implementation of the plan.

project or venture

in the understanding of the prospect of the industry, choose their own projects. Such projects need to have the following characteristics: 1, the future development; the second, the current can start; 3, for their own; 4, the investment is relatively small; 5, profit space is large; 6, repeat consumption.

4D Entrepreneurship: legal organization and the legal framework of


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