Learn these four strokes can enhance website turnover

shop for the novice, can grasp the essential method to improve the shop turnover, if you haven’t found a good way to take the four skills for your reference summary, I hope you can benefit.

A, build brand, perfect shop. My hometown is in Zhejiang Lanxi, a history of several hundred years of apiculture, traditional beekeeping is a big city, my aunt and uncle bee has more than and 20 years of experience, and they are kind-hearted, see more and more the adulteration of honey is seriously affecting people’s health, they are very sad.

I always think Taobao stores to really develop in the future, it must have its own entity and brand. So I set up through layers of approval, jade Fang pure natural honey bee Garden Co. Ltd., and registered trademark brand Mifang jade. Let me really realize the Taobao store brand quality, formal management. And I asked the shop for internal strength is also very strict, although they understand the decoration, but I still hired a full-time artist, the shop decoration and baby pictures pictures and so on all aspects to achieve the perfect standard.

two, and strive to do the "four strokes" promotion, quickly detonated store traffic. Shop management practice in the course of study on the theory and knowledge of Taobao, I shop promotion interest, summed up the "four strokes" cheats, now out and share with everyone.

the first one: the search law grasp good natural drainage search. Search is a buyer of accurate marketing tools, I think a good store natural search traffic needs to account for more than 60% of the entire store traffic. Specifically, to do a good job of natural search need to do six steps:

is a good title optimization. Add keywords, do not use too many popular search terms, because people use too much, those big sellers are also used, like our small and medium-sized sellers simply compete with them. So we might as well choose more commonly used words, commonly used words will become a popular search words. At the same time baby title which don’t appear too many special symbols, such as "*" "or" "at the current stage of your" recommended "

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