How to manage 80 employees

although after 95 have entered the workplace, but now many jobs are still mainly after 80. After 80 employees how to manage, has become a very difficult thing managers feel. In short, after 80 employees have become the main force in many stores sales team. Some people think that "80" this generation’s advantages and disadvantages are more prominent, such as they are open-minded and dare to innovate somewhat impetuous; they dare to compete but the lack of hard-working spirit and team spirit.

in order to create an excellent sales team, manage, make good use of these 80 employees is very important. Today’s "four guests business cafe" are each store manager, I would like to ask you in the daily work is how to manage the "80" staff?

encourage employees to grow and improve the relevant mechanisms

Xu Xia: I’m going to talk about it. There are 7 employees in our supermarket. In my opinion, the characteristics of the 80 employees are very bright, they have independent values, emphasizing self value, like how to think about how to do, do not like the discipline constraints. But this is not simply a generalization of individualism, lack of team spirit, because it is only a representation.

in fact, 80 employees who have obvious characteristics of the times, they contain immeasurable value. In our shop, "80" staff common pursuit of fairness, justice and openness, hope their value is recognized, we grasp this point, very good to arouse the group work initiative and enthusiasm.

for the 80 employees, we mainly take the following four management measures.

one is to carry out a number of competitive cultural and recreational activities, to encourage the 80 employees to actively participate in order to mobilize their enthusiasm.

two is usually to strengthen the communication with the 80 employees, more praise, encourage them to affirm their value.

three is to establish a sound reward and punishment mechanism. Our shop rewards and punishment mechanism is better, especially the incentive mechanism of competition, developed very detailed, easy to operate. As long as employees in the work progress or innovation, will be rewarded. This reward competition mechanism has been welcomed by the 80 employees.

four is the implementation of a number of monitoring mechanisms and the proposed collection mechanism, such as the establishment of the supervision of the phone, the proposed box, etc.. For individual employees in the daily work of the bad practices, other employees can reflect the situation through letters and other forms; if there are good suggestions, marketing ideas, employees can also be recommended in a variety of ways. Management will promptly investigate and implement the problems reflected in the

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