Analysis of the latest housing prices in Suzhou

Suzhou this year to achieve a substantial price increases, but for this crazy phenomenon, a clear violation of the law of development of the market. October 10th, the Suzhou municipal government office issued a document that, in October 3rd, after the promulgation of the policy of Suzhou, a good social repercussions. Average daily turnover from the perspective of Suzhou, although the average daily price fluctuations, but prices remained stable overall. Before and after the control of the average daily turnover in September was 17313 yuan / square meter, after the control of Suzhou daily average price of $162 million 980 thousand / square meter. Prices fluctuate mainly due to:

first, after the introduction of the new deal, buyers are expected to change, there have been some wait and see phenomenon.

two is due to the difference in the structure of the daily turnover of the housing, high-end real estate sales rate has slowed down, resulting in a daily average price fluctuations.

three is the city price, housing construction and other departments to strengthen the cost of housing audit, to a certain extent, slowed the pace of the listing of Gaojiefang, but also led to a reduction in the average transaction price.

Suzhou local government in the face of crazy growth in housing prices, the reasons for the price rise caused by a detailed analysis, and actively take a series of measures to stop. Next, Suzhou will continue to increase supervision of the real estate market, maintaining the stability of the real estate market. Do you have any plans to buy a house in Suzhou in the future? Suzhou housing prices tend to bring you a new trend?

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