nternet entrepreneurial era Wuhan towards the fourth pole of nternet Entrepreneurship

Internet business boom more and more intense, of course, entrepreneurs need to follow the development of the times, choose the most promising entrepreneurial projects. Under the guidance of innovation and entrepreneurship policy, Wuhan has become the fourth pole of Internet entrepreneurship!

"Macropodus becoming the first local Unicorn enterprises, far-reaching significance, the entire Wuhan Internet circles are very excited!" The largest online DIY computer supplier Ning American founder Wang Hongtao said yesterday, not only in Wuhan, a new benchmark is the Internet industry Chinese macropodus.

consider new headquarters moved to Wuhan

"paradise is the rise of Wuhan entrepreneurial environment excellent promotion case", Hubei Yao Feng of Xiangyang is a Beijing listed company assistant general manager, is also engaged in new energy industry investment and financing work.

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