How to join Agam dish

are many Chinese delicacy in Chongqing, Hunan, beyond count, Guangzhou and other places are known as all but a small delicacy, a place seems to forget that, that is Xi’an. Xi’an delicacy tend to heroic, but today this is a delicacy that originated in Xi’an is suitable for the majority of people consumption joy Agam take food delicacy.

joy Agam take food company headquartered in the capital of thirteen dynasties in Xi’an, the elite team in the industry veteran catering operation in more than and 20 years! "The ancient capital of the catering industry relying on extensive resources, Sichuan food company to carry forward the innovation, Shaanxi special snack for the mission to inherit and develop hundreds of snack culture, focusing on the integration of Sichuan, Shaanxi the taste of traditional snacks, unique flavor, development and absorb local food products, refined new fashion snacks," to create a new benchmark snack market is the goal.

Agam how to join the dish?

company has set up more than and 10 stores since its establishment, the operation of a number of food and beverage brands; since the introduction of the market gradually, by the broad masses of customers love. Companies adhering to the "characteristic, affordable, healthy and quick" service tenet, committed to the implementation of special snack and perfect combination of western style fast, with "healthy fast and comfortable nature" as business philosophy, and constantly improve the quality of service to meet the needs of social progress.

join advantage

into the community: telephone ordering, home delivery food;


entered the restaurant area with unique flavor, unique;

into the fashion blocks: synchronized with the trend, leading the market popular, make enough fashion money;


into the leisure tourism area: enjoy the relaxed, pocketed the money



entered the district business office: work package, box meal, easy to clean, rich dishes;


into the show near: Dining convenience, eat a unique taste.

and enter the food gathering area: to provide convenient, affordable market for shoppers, everything.


into the campus health: fast, affordable, love students.

join process

cooperation model is divided into three categories: brand, technology transfer, material distribution

a, the brand joins in: pay join fee: the cooperation period is two years

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