How to do a good job in store management

After the success of the

shop, you need to do business management work, otherwise the store will encounter the business crisis. Business management issues have been mentioned by businesses, how should we do a good job shop management? Xiaobian finishing a few points for the exchange of learning.

1, control loss rate of

2, by

postsBusiness adjustment is inevitable

3, Mathias and governance, the implementation of humane management

4, appropriate use of incentive

5, the manager is responsible for the preparation of

in a counter, the manager is ignored, he is the link of manufacturers and stores, but also the core of a counter. He should be responsible for the counter personnel, goods, health, display, sales. Therefore, to manage the various counters, to manage the link manager from the start.

6, regional management, fully authorized

to a shopping mall, a small shop, if the manager does not understand the authorization, the difficulty of the work is bound to increase.

7, play the role of the morning meeting


8, unremittingly training

organize shopping malls

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