How to borrow make money themselves snowball

poor only one for the poor, because he does not have the rich thinking. What is the thinking of the rich today, let us borrow to gradually understand. "Borrowing" means that the integration of deep, do you have this thinking?

A, products on  

should do so;

1.  borrow someone else’s money to advertise

in a website or the media, for their promotional advertising. Then convince other businesses to afford the cost of advertising, for example, you find 4 businesses to share advertising costs, the burden of 25%. As a feedback, they can get a promotion space from your ad. Thus, you are equivalent to not spend a penny, you get an advertising space.

2.  by "product" to do market

the others tested by the market, the price is very prominent, but the product of high visibility to in their area of sales, the use of "puerile" principle quickly win customers – their products must be complementary with the product. After that, and then follow up their products to sell to these customers. This strategy is suitable for those who are not outstanding, no features, competitive, low visibility of new products.


1.  increase customer purchase frequency

2.  turn customer into salesman

Three, all

1.  by the gift of profit

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