Green furniture from production to sales should focus on environmental protection

with the national emphasis on environmental protection, various industries in response to the call of the country, but also played the slogan of environmental protection. Green furniture is now very popular in the market, business highlights. The background of the increase in market demand, environmental protection from the past into the store sales, sales of electricity providers, and the paint from the oily water, everything is around this term to environmental protection. Green furniture, from production to sales should focus on environmental protection.

A, overseas imports of raw materials

with the legal system of environmental protection, domestic timber harvesting relatively has been unable to meet the domestic market demand. So many of the furniture companies choose to import raw materials. Over the past 10 years, the Chinese market has continued to increase imports of timber in North America and africa. And in the domestic production base, take the edge of the kind of cutting edge, in order to meet the production needs at the same time as far as possible to minimize the damage to the environment.

two, "oil" to "water" environmental protection

three, production of more green


four, enter the field of e-commerce

in the current furniture market, the green door is mainly sold through chain stores. Brand bargaining power is low, the profit is squeezed by the channel has become a topic that can not get rid of, therefore, the increase in the cost of circulation, low traffic is bound to a certain extent, inhibit consumption. In this case, the furniture companies can use the new O2O model, reduce costs, increase the transparency of information to enhance the shopping experience. And take the field of e-commerce, relative to traditional stores, businesses can save the cost of agents, in order to give consumers before the sale of energy-saving".


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