Lowering the threshold to expand the scope of helping young entrepreneurs

to create a good environment and atmosphere for youth entrepreneurship, the government has been trying to target, Qinghai Province, in order to help young people better business, has been in its lower threshold extended range, let more people brave the implementation of entrepreneurial dreams.

for the in-depth study and implement the General Secretary Xi Qinghai delegation in the spirit of an important speech, to promote youth entrepreneurship in poor areas in-depth work to promote industrial development in poverty, promote the majority of youth entrepreneurship, in April 6th, the League Committee organized a provincial, state (city), county (District) level three youth entrepreneurship poverty alleviation action conference.

in place in all kinds of support, excellent business environment, a very good chance for Qinghai Province youth entrepreneurship, believe in individual efforts and policies under the help of the successful business is no longer a dream!


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