No longer show Li Xiaolu daughter sweet sweet sweet sweet is no longer on the show

sweet hope will no longer on the show, Jia Nailiang denied by EVA fishing gold. Actor Jia Nailiang Guo Hongbo broker said, Jia Nailiang is no longer going to let his daughter in the sweet hope related programming, want her to enjoy childhood, and denied by EVA fishing gold statement.

in recent years, a large number of different types of variety show frequent screen, which became a hot parenting reality show multiple tv. The day before the press and Publication Administration issued a notice, the guidance and regulation of reality show from the number of programs, content, broadcast time, broadcast star making children to participate in the reality show is not allowed in principle.

Jia Nailiang, former agent Huo Siyan broker Guo Hongbo said, "in fact, setting out before we reached a consensus, not to let the sweet sweet (Jia Nailiang’s daughter) and hum (son of Huo Siyan) to participate in any program, let the children to grow up, they enjoy some of the childhood".

As for the

by fishing gold children questioned, he denied: "Mom and dad have enough economic conditions to create a better childhood for the children, they do not need to make money, this is not itself the child of this age should consider."

star two generation after the popularity of excessive consumption is expected to grow a number of artists are not disturbed children

With "

", "Dad Dad where to go back" to test the success, "Mom listen to me", "hot mom", "School of life for the first time", "the second time" program came into being, a number of "star two generation" which became popular, and even began to take advertising. However, the children have been questioned excessive consumption will also appear, which, Li Xiang daughter also had been due to frequent attendance of all kinds of activities led to the body can not afford to be sick, temporary absence of activities.

in this regard, a number of artists have published views, including Liu Ye, have been holding communication with the original intention of recording "son to father where" the third season, but with the rising popularity of Liu Nuoyi, Liu Ye and his wife began to feel troubled, he frankly do not want their children to become a child, "we will slowly forget about him, really the".

Sun Li also bluntly because of fear of being 24 hours with the film will not bring the child to participate in a reality show; Taiwan host Momoco Tao revealed received parenting reality show invitations, but she didn’t want him to be disturbed, "each of the parents of children’s education in different ways, called me and my husband to do what you can, but let the children sleep he can sleep, if not only recorded interference, may also be"; Yalin Gao also said the firm will not bring the child to participate in parenting show.

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