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entrepreneurship, not just a synonym for college students, but also office workers, rich two generations, such as playing a means to earn the community, and which projects are more popular, let us take inventory.

low carbon economy

"low carbon economy" will lead the China or the trend of world economic development. So, for small entrepreneurs, what are the opportunities for low-carbon economy?

1 such products. The day before, the 2009 held in Hangzhou China (Hangzhou) international circular economy Expo, Jiangsu three Sheng cleaning technology company’s booth attracted many visitors, a portable cleaning machine quickly and quietly swallowed the dust on the floor of the confetti, and no electricity, no water. General manager Zhou Haiming is the inventor of this hand push type vacuum cleaning machine, he told reporters: "this machine set dustpan, mop, dust collector, window cleaner in one, using electrostatic principle, I spent 3 years in R & D, with five patents." This "five in one" cleaning machine in 2008 has just been launched, the retail price of only more than 200 yuan, currently in Chongqing, Wuhan and other places selling hot. The company is now looking for a national agent.

3 other projects: such as solar and wind energy, geothermal energy, hybrid electric vehicles, industrial electric motors, small energy-saving lamps, such as building energy saving facilities, energy efficient appliances, provide a lot of this may be too numerous to enumerate, broad industry for small and medium sized business. Along with the people to consume a lot of oil resources and concerns about global warming, seek new renewable energy and new technology of new products, which belongs to the renewable energy become the first choice for people, if entrepreneurs can aim at the demand of new product development, entrepreneurial success rate is relatively high. In this regard, the country has been the first attempt. For example, some people in the Inner Mongolia desert plant Salix sand plants, then after stubble Salix for biomass power generation, achieves the effect of sand control and power generation two. The economic and ecological benefits and. Low carbon economy such as this kind of entrepreneurial projects, the capital required for its early investment is not very high, very suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs.

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