What is the most profitable new rural projects

now in the community to promote the construction of new rural areas, in fact, in the construction of new rural areas there are also unlimited business opportunities, to see if you have a pair of eyes to find it. Rural projects to make money potted vegetables are divided into three categories

A, a riot of colours leafy.

the vegetable leaves color bright and colorful, with aesthetic enjoyment and some flowers compared favorably with high nutritional value. Such as spinach, lettuce, purple colored gold and white mushroom varieties.

two, fruit in different poses and with different expressions.

This kind of

three, its dual class.

can be eaten as vegetables vegetables reward, can be washed when the fruit to eat, very popular with young people (especially girls favor). Now the development of common market mainly colorful tomato, grape varieties such as the size of the Pearl tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, tomato red agate, red arrow and oblong nearly 10 kinds of tomato.


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