Open the Mala shop how to location

Malatang loved by everyone, especially in winter, eat a bowl of spicy very enjoyable, so, if you want to open a mala shop, where good? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

business Malatang siting principles: one of the franchise shop on the way to the lively details: to which the busy areas, whether people preferred to choose store your target population. Preferred to lead the way on the busy, the store opened in the place where there is less expensive than the busy location and traffic is not necessarily less. What site Mala shop? Location should not only consider the location of the competitive environment without considering the location. If you do around the home appliance, and you open Malatang stores, it is certainly not. If there are several hotels around, you do spicy, so you can drive each other passenger, very good.

If you do

is a popular brand, can be considered a convenient traffic crowd continued to increase the rate of district level boarding. If you do a personalized narrow niche market, how the site Mala shop? It can be considered in the secondary business district, in order to reduce the rent and other cost burden. What site Mala shop? Goods get together to grasp a degree. When the surrounding more than five Malatang stores, you can also do Malatang, your goods must have features, take different routes, and the brand popularity is good, otherwise it is difficult to win.

if you shop in the street on both sides of the street shops not to. What site Mala shop? Because customers will be more than three goods, and so he finished a circle, may be tired, hungry or temporary, and then go back to your store to eat the possibility of small. And is also the first berth. In the north, in the face of customers love the street walk, less traffic view.

for businesses, the same rent, then on both sides of the road, turnover is two times worse. What site Mala shop? Try to shop at the local or near groupkey. Because it will step 30% sale. This is related with the flow of people, the customer may come to this corner, this is the guest to no respect. The location should be taken into account when the flow route will not be stopped competitors.

through the introduction above, I believe there will be a great help to business Malatang stores friend, once you have a good location, good business is not afraid, specific method of light theory is not enough, but also the entrepreneurs themselves to comprehend in the practical Malatang stores when. Finally according to the Mala shop shop around the business environment, to develop a suitable location method, which is the successful way to shop. If you have a good location method, you can share with us.

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