Shop agent should pay attention to what

network has become a very hot market, War Within Three Kingdoms today, we pay attention to the network marketing what?


The relationship between

1, the supplier and the shop agent is suppliers and agents, suppliers regularly agents to provide the detailed product information, training on products, familiar with the product as soon as possible, to help distributors.

2, novice shop, the network is not familiar with the sale is not understand, open the computer is the customer, it is not good. Taobao page has a free online school, there are a variety of practical useful. Sales areas to teach you how to do, should pay attention to this tutorial network sales university. The more you study, the better your sales will be.

3, Shop consignment ills in the consignment only product pictures and simple information to the guests. A lot of time to answer guest questions all sorts of strange things. After all, agents did not see physical products, did not understand the specific details of each product performance. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the product or buy only a few simple products, the product further understanding and understanding. It is not easy to enter the product too much, the pursuit of quality is not quantity.

4, discuss related matters, such as: replacement, return, timely delivery, delivery etc..

and senior consult experience, and later exchange thoughts. Constant thinking, you will have a different harvest!

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