Shop name can be more amazing

let the consumer is just from the name of the shop name interested, launched a "stunning" moment of countless people, a name that is the real success. However, the shop name can be more amazing? Although this is every shopkeeper in the pursuit of aspects, but do not know how to do, below, let Xiaobian for your analysis method.

use fixed collocation to shop set style

to open a small shop is the most confusing style, tone uncertain. Goods can be varied, but the store itself needs to have a final tone. How to set the tone? In addition to decoration, layout, publicity, the name is also a kind of tone, a simple words can be set the style. For example, if the sale of goods Chinese wind with the "home", "Xuan", "Tang", "Zhai" and so on; if the business Japanese style products with "club"; if the sale of European and American style goods, with the "Hall" and so on.


by nickname or slang

in fact, many foreign brands are to name as the name basis, and in China, to name names do have some, such as Wang Zhihe, but this naming method is not suitable for the shop floor. It is best to use the nickname little store, or say, it can highlight the name of intimacy, to attract customers. For example, the small Iraq candy house, selling some cute little things or snacks, can make people feel affinity.

also makes people feel friendly and known, like Tianjin’s "Goubuli", Chongqing’s "strange taste" and so on, this kind of name, although it sounds very vulgar, but it is the most homely, the name of the district is amiable and easy of approach, if mixed commercial and residential type, then there will be a lot of customers need some of this homely food, life sundry goods and so on.

use homophonic idioms or phrases name



method named is a very tricky method named. The use of homophonic words or idioms to people with the attributes of the commodity and commodity characteristics, as the name of the store. For example, the bottom of the sea floor, to discuss their own. "The decoration sector" business shells, coral jewelry, the name is that the operation of the business but also points out the types and scope of business, at the same time, it sounds very pleasing to the ear, is threefold.

"for his brilliant" is more clever, to hear its name will doubt, hate yourself? Why is this? Look at the word and will only see light suddenly, think overwhelmed with admiration for.   "to discuss their own" means to make their own beautiful, beautiful meaning, there is a kind of "Yue" noble feeling. At the same time, listen to the name can probably know, this is a business jewelry, cosmetics, clothing >

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