What issues need attention on Mala shop

Mala shop need to pay attention to what business problem? Want to do a good job shop from the beginning, then we start from the preparatory stage. In general, the skills required to open a shop more than one, first of all need to do a few basic work to be able to get a good start.

A: positioning of their customers; general Malatang consumers are low-income persons, the most common city for young women or groups of students. The majority of women are more interested in stimulating food, while the students are most like the low cost of food and beverage, 35 yuan for the working families and students can accept. This positioning is accurate or not will determine the future development of store business

Two: store address choice; with the above location so we choose the store when the heart will be playing a small abacus, the store opened in what position the most appropriate. The school gate is a place frequented by women, such as a supermarket, a busy neighborhood, a shopping mall…… The more people, the better. Why? It will determine your business after 70%!!! Why do some people open a shop to open fire or fire? Think about why the big shopping malls and brand stores are selected in a large flow block? Look at the rent high, but to save much publicity costs! Whether you shop in what place. Want to have a good business, but if no one knows nobody to consume, how can people not spending money? One thing to remember: only wool in the sheep! So don’t be afraid of high rent, but also to do what. In other words, if there are two stores you can choose, one is the annual rent 10 thousand can earn 30 thousand, the other is the annual rent of 40 thousand can earn 100 thousand, which do you choose? The shop must use their brains, or after strenuous propaganda big

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