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Kang Kee casserole shop green onion pancake this brand do you know? There is a little-known story behind the store. Remember the two words in the source Kang Kang’s mother, said Kang’s story came.

Kang, Kangxi cook family, grandparents of the famous family business, capital, natural decline, a sigh. Later to negotiate with vibration property, but through a few years, coinciding with the times, not the end. A sense of shame, to seek business operation. The downtown see a delicacy everywhere, but not a kind of ordinary people. Although Beijing exclaimed: "but the people still are high officials and noble lords, only to eat for pleasure, I want to change the size of the capital! Love cooking, I have not had the camp was born on the pot to pot, beef and all are living without fear, high quality and inexpensive, can let people eat delicious." Then buy meat shop, to the people as the root. Sure enough, because the casserole soup taste very good, the price of fair trade, and have been, what a man for food but for non food and enjoy meat soup. The shop Business Flourishes eater, robust and strong, people praise. It is known as: Kangtai casserole. Time grew, called "Kang Ji", set Zuxun: "the integrity of the building, York liye". At present, the good faith as the base, the people as the root, this is the origin of Kang can be handed down from age to age.

Kang Kee to beef casserole, a formula for the characteristics of the fast food brand casserole. Selection of natural, healthy organic ingredients, the pursuit of modern people’s taste and health needs, strong gluten bone, nourishing the body, so that consumers in the busy work to eat healthy food. In the transmission of "only for beef casserole" concept at the same time, is committed to the dissemination of "health casserole" brand value, starting from the nature of the responsibility to the restaurant, Zuxun "integrity building, Yorke Liye" as the fundamental objectives of the operation, to bring the fast food market reform change


Kang Kee cake shop to join

onion casserole

join our benefits and policies:

8 services to support the creation of mature stores hot operations

1 Kang Kee a full set of VI system brand image landing support

2 record store operations standardized operation guidance

3 provides a unified store design, decoration materials set.

4 opening of the service and management training, and early opening of the guide.

5 central kitchen agrees to deliver services, including condiments, raw materials and semi finished products to ensure product standards and quality.

6 enjoy the product development and equipment update with hq.

7 monthly marketing guidance, financial analysis and business guidance;

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