80 returnees venture unusual road

college students entrepreneurship is not a new topic, however, the choice of the hero, or surprising. "For a while to engage in online games, for a while to go farming, students always be startled at hear my message. But to tell the truth, they are very envious of my manor dream." Standard Mandarin from Wang Xin mouth spit out briskly, showing around Sichuan accent in different fresh.

  probably 80 after the "rebellious spirit" caused by. After graduation, Liu Hongyu did not like his father wanted to become a doctor, but chose to do a foreign pharmaceutical company sales. Wang Xin returned from studying abroad, more than Liu Hongyu can toss – just a year on the 3 jobs: the work environment is too tight, I like to be free. When studying in the UK, affected by the local people, I think, money is important, but work is more important to be happy, do what you want to do is more important."

2006 April day, Central Television >

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