Keytroller release digital wireless camera for mining equipment

first_imgKeytroller has released a series of digital wireless camera viewing device designed for mining equipment. The Seetroller digital wireless camera viewing device includes FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) which uses channel hopping sequence based on an algorithm generated by the receiver. The Seatroller uses high strength signal transmission (between 13.5-16dBm) compared to traditional analogue transmission signal to ensure a sharp and clear picture and a greater transmission range that is not susceptible to interference from machinery and microwave ‘noise’.A device paring process synchronizes the transmitter and the receiver allowing them to be on the same algorithm for frequency hopping. This ensures that only the paired transmitter and receiver can maintain communication signal by hopping to the same frequency paths at the same time. This prevents interference from other cameras that may be used in the same area.Seatroller is a battery powered camera and is mounted on the the mining vehicle pointing where you want to see. The camera is turned on and off remotely and has a 7” colour LCD display that comes on automatically when a signal is received and shuts off three minutes of loss of signal. The LCD display is designed to withstand vibrations and the battery for the devices lasts nearly 8 hours.last_img

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