How to promote the development of going out enterprises in Henan

in the face of globalization trend of development, in the process of economic development, if blindly complacent, will only lead to their own way to go more and more narrow! Henan in order to promote sound and rapid economic development, actively implement the "going out" development strategy.

Henan provincial tax bureau and the Henan provincial land tax bureau, for the province to go out, the company launched 10 tax initiatives.

Zhang Xusheng, director of the Department of foreign affairs of the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce,

, the number of foreign invested enterprises in Henan is increasing and the scale of investment is increasing. However, in the process of foreign investment and management, enterprises often suffer from the loss of overseas tax information or transnational tax losses.

In order to meet the national "

Belt and Road Initiative" foreign economic development strategy, to help Henan enterprises to "going out", Henan province country tax bureau, jointly launched the 10 tax measures.

perfect investment guide, provide policy guidance for the "going out" enterprises; set up a joint team, provide a serious shortage of talent support; regular visits, to provide special services; deepen the publicity and guidance, to provide inclusive services; tailored measures, to provide one on one service; assist to enjoy preferential, to "go out" enterprises the burden; help solve disputes, for enterprise rights; rich policy consultation channels, improve the timeliness of service; to establish risk control mechanism, improve service forward-looking; the construction of "Internet plus" service platform, improve the comprehensive service.

enterprises in the development process, it is inevitable to encounter a series of problems. Actively solve the problem, can effectively promote their continued development. Henan enterprises "going out" development strategy, in line with the development needs of the market, is of great significance.

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