Do a good job in the work of new tobacco cultivation to do consumer records

cigarette market continues to introduce new products, if you want to give a good business, but also need to be able to master the retail store business strategy. In short, the sale of cigarettes is not only selling culture, selling the brand, or sell ahead of the vision and thinking. Consumer groups are to achieve retail business unlimited breakthrough gas station, how to manage the consumer groups, closely unite around themselves, is a major issue for many retail giants continue to study. As the retail customers, also need to think to bring consumer groups to manage, this is also a good starting point to cultivate new the strong.

how do you know the frequency of tobacco consumption and how to know their preference for some cigarettes? It is obviously impossible to remember only with the mind. To cultivate a good brand, good cigarette sales, will be targeted, then, establish a good consumer archives which is an indispensable part of the establishment of consumer records should have a choice, is to choose to continue to buy, and compared the typical consumer sample of customers, these customers do consumption analysis in order to have a representative.

the establishment of consumer archives has several advantages: one is the timely tracking consumer law, purchase behavior; two is to understand their habits and preferences, to prevent the introduction of new products is not marketable; three can provide an effective basis for the market, brands and services; four is to jointly carry out consumer goods and industrial enterprises absorbing activities. General industrial enterprises in the retail terminal activities, should be based on the specification of consumer groups of information, so that they can do a good job, such as return visit.

is a good information collection. In the modern terminal construction, the consumer file is an indispensable important part, but also an important means to play the terminal function, but also a prerequisite for the retail customers to develop a good brand. Retail customers to consumer files as the engine. To improve consumer information collection standards and procedures, the establishment of fixed consumer information, and the consumer information collection standards and procedures to improve and enhance, ensure the effectiveness of information collection, reach for their own use. The establishment of consumer records, it is best to support the use of information technology, the use of the Internet and computers, information processing.

two is the perfect function. To maximize the use of modern information technology, established by the network of consumer groups, the QQ chat room, release new information, timely delivery of cigarette promotions and other information, to unite in their surrounding consumer groups. At the same time, it is necessary to share these consumer information and industry, commerce, the establishment of smooth communication channels, timely access to consumer feedback.

cigarette is an important source of profit for the major retail stores, but has been respected by the market, the profit of cigarette products has been transparent, it would be difficult to make a huge profit. But if you do a good job of new cigarette sales, will undoubtedly create a big profit. So, if you are

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