White collar resignation opened dessert income

female friends no longer willing housewives, but more willing to work in the workplace, shopping malls. Entrepreneurship is a good way to realize the value of life and increase the life experience of female friends. The following is the one from the hotel after the resignation of the white-collar business story, only dare to think, no matter what can’t be done.

choose opening, golden week in early days, the rent is the largest capital investment, in order to save costs, they choose to store only 40 square meters. Since 2 months after the eleven golden week, is a good time to promote the new store, so Hong Zhu and her partner on schedule. From the idea to the official opening of the dessert shop, coupled with the site, store decoration and purchase of equipment, Hong Zhu only took 2 months, during which time they sleep only one to five hours a day.

The positioning of

Hong Zhu dessert is unique, sweet hope embodied and privacy, so when choosing wallpaper and tableware under a lot of effort. She opened the additional culture area create new styles in the store, my own photos and note paper posted up, and encourage customers to bring their own personal photos and photos posted to the dessert shop travels. Dessert shop to attract the target group is young people, the network is a social group of young people, Hong Zhu, then on the local website to promote dessert shop. In October 1st, the dessert store finally opened, the first week of opening, the turnover of the sweet shop quickly.

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