Saruq talian pizza franchise

pizza originated in Italy, is a popular feature of the world of Italy food. The unique taste of the cake, cheese, sauce and fillings are made, because of the taste for the tastes of the public, so the global popularity of remarkable. A variety of Chinese pizza brands, which is better? Saruq Italian pizza franchise is a good choice.

saruq Italian pizza to join the project has been able to obtain recognition of the vast number of investors, first is the saruq Italian pizza to join in the project of food is pure Italy delicious, the company to ensure the quality of extraordinary, delicious. Included in the saruq Italian pizza to join in the project product variety is very much, including Mini Pizza, cheese series series, baking series, mousse series, pastry series and many other series of delicacy. No matter what kind of consumers love western style meals, saruq are dozens of Western-style food delicacy Goods are available in all varieties., constitute the "feast", so that consumers constantly surprises, also make cooperation store to get more recognition.

saruq Italian pizza to join

product features:

1, Italian style flow: artwork from Italy kitchen

saruq Mini workshop, not only to present you with rich Italian style delicacy, the elegant art to bring you hundreds of Italian delicacy, and make and sell sales form, process quality fine, and good taste, so many customers lined up to check it out, so hot don’t worry about not making


2, your delicacy achievements of wealth, count every minute and second

saruq Italian Mini workshop with high-end baking machine, whether it is the taste and crisp pizza or Coco hamburger, Egg Tart, just a few minutes, the customer will be able to taste fresh and delicious. Fast out of the meal, not only to solve the source of tourists stranded brought about by the loss, but also give you a high quality taste experience.

3, Hui – dozens of Italian delicacy delicacy, achievement wealth model


saruq Italian Mini workshop with Mini Pizza series, series, series of cheese, pastry baking series, mousse series and other series of delicacy, pure taste, let consumers and adjustable. Whether you love what Western-style food, all Goods are available in all varieties. saruq. Dozens of Western-style food delicacy feast, people constantly surprises, will choose high-quality saruq wealth achievement model.

4, small pizza – good products can speak

saruq pizza has been saruq Italian Mini workshop.

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