Recommend a few creative snack shop names

snacks market unusually hot, a lot of friends want to open a snack bar, would like to set up shop action. Before you start a shop, take a creative name for your store! What is the name of the creative snack bar? The following is recommended for everyone, you want to open a snack shop friends can be used for reference.

chowhound, who is a very cordial call, with the shop as a snack shop chowhound name is very friendly, it would shorten the distance with customers.

Sales Department

and canteen on the contrary, believe that everyone has a "canteen", remind customers of nostalgia, and "small" to "big", more humor and humor.

straight to the point, tell the customer here is the direct selling snacks, is generous, went straight to the theme.

this seen Stephen Chow’s film all know, a movie called "spy 00" movie content, humorous expression, the name is derived from this, just "hair" to "eat", is a direct focus to the store, is to come to eat, even if you is the big secret is greedy.

I don’t eat

"when" to "food", take its homonym, such snack shop names can induce customers to the store consumption, can not wait delicacy.


can be used as a problem, also can be used as an affirmation of the name, very good, come to know.

mortgage snacks


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